Innovation minister affirms Canada’s commitment to net neutrality

Bains’s comments come in the wake of anti-net neutrality measures introduced in the U.S.

Net Neutrality

Canada’s innovation minister has reaffirmed the government’s pro-net neutrality stance.

Navdeep Bains, Canada’s minister of innovation, science and economic development, maintained the federal government’s position on net neutrality in a tweet.

Bains’s comment comes in the wake of anti-net neutrality plans that were announced by the U.S. Federal Communications Commision (FCC) on November 21st, 2017.

Today, the FCC formally introduced plans to repeal much of the existing net neutrality measures in the U.S.

Pro-net neutrality advocates argue that removing existing protections would mean that internet service providers would be able to unfairly manipulate telecom subscribers.

Anti-net neutrality advocates argue that removing existing protections would mean a more competitive marketplace that wouldn’t negatively affect subscribers but would enable them to be more conscientious of their market options.

Bains comments align with a pro-net neutrality stance that ensures that telecoms are unable to unreasonably charge customers for basic access to the internet.

Former CRTC commissioner Jean-Pierre Blais also introduced a number of decisions aimed at maintaining net neutrality in the Great White North.

Two of the most consumer-oriented decisions include the CRTC’s zero-rating ruling against Videotron, as well as the implementation of an updated wireless code that eliminated locked phones and carrier unlocking fees.

Ian Scott, the current CRTC commissioner, stated that the commission under his leadership would not take a hardline stance for or against businesses or consumers, but for “public interest.”

Source: Twitter