Innovation minister affirms Canada’s commitment to net neutrality

Bains’s comments come in the wake of anti-net neutrality measures introduced in the U.S.


  • ConcernedCIT

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Glad to see some good news regarding this.

  • Grumpel

    Navneet Bains sounds like a Hogwarts student.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Remember when Ian Scott was hired, people here in mobilesyrup cited Ajit Pai as an example on how FCC is regulating the USA.

    I wonder how that’s working out for the USA right now

  • Anonymous Agent

    Good net neutrality is good. Means no oppression not being able to be informed on everything on the Internet. Without it would mean every Internet user would feel oppressed and being blocked from seeing certain things online. This sort of things are done in dictatorship countries to keep citizens controlled so they won’t be allowed to see things the government doesn’t want your to see to keep you controlled and brainwashed. They already control the media news channels to brain wash the masses. If they take away net neutrality would be a big oppression and they be able to control what they allow us to see and not see online.