Prime Minister Trudeau pledges to continue defending net neutrality

Trudeau reiterated his administration’s pro-net neutrality stance


  • Do Do

    Well, I can’t believe it, this move along with July 1st plans might snag my vote. If he keeps his word.

    • fred

      He didn’t for voting reform. He lost mine on that alone.

    • Do Do


    • Balls

      He said he’d change the way we vote. So far hasn’t done much about it. People are miffed.

    • Do Do

      I totally missed this from start to the announcement that they wouldn’t be pursuing “reform” Can’t think of anything more disgusting than when they lie. Oh well, I luckily wasn’t emotionally invested in it long enough to change my opinion. For now, net neutrality is more on my mind.

    • hardy83

      Don’t think it lost my vote because of that, but, that was extremely disappointing…
      I mean at least make digital voting a thing if you’re not going to reform the voting process.

    • Balls

      Didn’t lose mine either, but I can understand people being upset about it.

  • AMB_07

    It’s comforting to hear, what’s happening in the US with the FCC right now is nothing short of a nightmare.

  • basesloadedwalk

    This is literally the first time I have found myself agreeing with something Trudeau said. I’m guessing a few pigs must have sprouted wings today as well.

  • Omis

    Too bad his word is worthless. And time after time they do the opposite of what they say they will.

  • mike

    Can’t believe anything this liar and his crooked Liberal government says.

  • JhofromOmaha

    Sad thing is most people have no clue about the internet (how it really works,whom built it, and what goes into maintaining it). Before there was net neutrality people could say and do exactly what they wanted then. Nothing has changed. I am Sytems Administrator I know many other IT people whom have said from the beginning that getting BIG GOV involved in the net was a bad idea. They were right NET NEUTRALITY did one thing it LIMITED the ISP’s capability to innovate. We were suppose to already have an ALPHABETIZED internet, the ISP’s were not allowed to do that under Net Neutrality, now they can. we were already suppose to be using IPV6 now we can. Net Neutrality is a scam of the largest magnitude, RESETTING the rules to the Clinton era settings is the best thing for the Internet. As a Libertarian (not a Trump fan) the free market will ensure everyone can compete and that throttling and other stuff will still not be tolerated. (even the new administration has stated this). So please in the immortal words of george Carlin: ” Relax, sit back have some dip; it will be okay”.