Twitch streamer broadcasts UFC pay-per-view by pretending he’s playing UFC 3


  • Russ

    This reminds me of those kids a few years ago who torched an abandoned house and posted it on Youtube with credits listing their names.

    You’re basically committing a crime, providing the evidence, and hoping that no one can be bothered to come after you.

    • basesloadedwalk

      Good analogy. Burning down a house and watching UFC….pretty much the same thing.

    • QwertyJuan

      Abandoned house. Presumably not inhabited by humans nor containing anything worthwhile. Not that bad of a crime in all honesty.

    • Mr Dog

      The act is irrelevant. They both did the same thing:

      Committed a crime, recorded it, provided the proof that you did it and hoped no one cares

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    People will do whatever they can to get views/clicks/likes to make money, this isn’t really surprising.

  • Richard Morrison

    I dunno….the picture alone made me lmao. Just thinking about this guy keeping up the facade during the entire stream (even poorly) is hilarious. As the saying goes, if it is stupid but it works….it isn’t stupid.

  • Alex

    well, technically he was advertising UFC 3 game with extremely realistic graphics, xD