Pixel 2 will be available in ‘Kinda Blue,’ ‘Just Black’ and ‘Clearly White,’ starts at $649 USD

The smaller of the two Pixels will start at $649 USD, says DroidLife


  • Word

    If it’s got stereo speakers and the bezels aren’t huge I’m in.

    • thereasoner

      Bezels on the smaller Pixel will be regular sized but house stereo speakers this time.

      Only the Pixel XL 2 is getting the slim bezel OLEDs because not enough of them are being made until Sharp, Samsung and LG finish building new facilities and ramp up production. This time next year most all flagships will have them I’m guessing but until then we will continue to see high end phones with regular bezels being released.

    • Smanny

      The Pixel XL 2 is getting the slim bezels this time around because LG is making the XL, and they are using LG’s new POLED panels. Whereas the Pixel is using Samsungs AMOLED panels, which is the same as last year. At least the Pixel has a full HD display, can’t say the same about an overpriced flagship device that was recently introduced.

      As far as front facing stereo speakers are concerned, they get muffled inside a VR headset.

    • thereasoner

      I’m not sure that the small Pixel does Daydream VR with it’s 1080p display. At any rate the new Daydream VR headset shown today doesn’t have side vents for sound from stereo speakers to escape from so the new regular Pixel 2 probably doesn’t either.

    • Garrett Cooper

      The regular Pixel does do Daydream. It’s just said that you can notice the lower res screen a little. That and the battery size are why I chose my XL, even though I really wanted the smaller form factor.

    • thereasoner

      The XL 2 might be more compact and I’ll consider it if it is but otherwise, like you, I prefer the smaller form factor.

    • Garrett Cooper

      If the XL 2 does indeed have a smaller foot print than the original XL, and there are enough upgrades I may do it. I really want an edge display, but once I have a case on my XL, I only really tend to notice the forehead and chin. I’m really happy with my XL, so I think it would take a lot to get my money this year, which I don’t think is going to happen.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, I’m mostly likely going to sit on my regular Pixel but time will tell.

    • Stephen B Morris

      But that’s what the headphone jack is for! Oh wait…

  • K_p0w3r

    at that price, I might just say f_ck it and risk the software updates with the Essential phone

    • thereasoner

      Make sure that updates have fixed the slow as molasses camera shutter, the one I tried at Telus was way too slow for a flagship quality device. That said, they are supposed to improve it with an update.

  • NinoBr0wn

    Don’t care about the Pixel. I’m just surprised the XL hasn’t leaked this close to the event. That’s what I need to see.

    • Igor Bonifacic

      “In addition to publishing images of the Pixel 2 XL and Google Home Mini…” 😉

  • samsvoc

    They forgot to add the color, Kinda Just Clearly Overpriced.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Overpriced? What do you even consider reasonable?

    • Brian

      If the $USD amount was carried over to $CAD price and arbitrage was protected against (e.g., through country SIM locking similar to how Samsung region locks in the EU) the prices would be perfectly reasonable. A C$999 iPhone X is reasonable. A C$1,319 iPhone X is not. By manufacturers pricing mobile devices in USD$ equivalents in Canada, we are made to pay a price for consumer goods that is disproportionate to average after tax income. tl;dr – Canadians are unreasonably expected to spend more of their after-tax earnings on mobile devices than our American counterparts, which is unreasonable.

  • Omar

    I wonder how high smartphone prices will get before they start coming down. It’s getting a tad ridiculous…

  • Benjamin Lehto

    I’m guessing around $1500 for the 128GB XL2.

    • Smanny

      Why in the world would it be $1500 for the 128 GB XL version? If the Pixel is the same pricing as last year, then why would the XL be any different?

  • Aleph Ruehl

    Give me a ‘Vibrant Red’ colour and the Pixel XL2 will be my first Android mobile.

  • Ryan

    Miss the Nexus days. I usually buy LG flagships late-summer when the price comes down, just as good if not better than anything else out there and way cheaper.

  • Smanny

    The thing that I would have like to see in the Pixels is dual or tri cameras with AR hardware. I know Google is giving in with ARCore, but hardware is so much better with accuracy and speed.

  • Donovan

    Considering the prices of many of the recent flagships we’ve been seeing, $800 for the base model is not bad at all. $200 cheaper than the S8 was on release. Just gotta hope that the Pixel 2 XL won’t follow Note8/iPhone X territory.

    Also, I love the names of the colours.

    • Garrett Cooper

      That’s what I was thinking. But the Pixel XL 2 is said to be the bigger update, so I’m curious to see what its pricing looks like.

    • Donovan

      Just saw the other article about the Pixel 2 XL and apparently it’s gonna be $1049 CAD. That’s about $50 cheaper than the S8+ was at launch, so not terrible either. With that being said, I do miss the days of the Nexus.

    • Garrett Cooper

      You and me both. I had a Nexus 4 and 5, great devices for the price.

  • Renaud Emond

    Probably my next phone… Need me some pure Android

  • Rashed

    No dual camera, that’s what I think.

  • Politically Incorrect Liberal

    I guess that is the price you have to pay for your monthly security updates.

    • Garrett Cooper

      If it actually came out for an outright price of $799 CAD, that would actually be a pretty fair price in the current market TBH.

  • Greg Joplin

    Looking forward to the Pixel XL 2

  • I am going to buy the Pixel XL 2 as an upgrade to my Nexus 6