Google Home Mini leaked, expected to launch in October and cost $49 USD


  • Syaz

    Sweeeeeet! I’ll take a few of those babies for my house. My Google Home is fantastic.

    • thereasoner

      I’ve got a Google Home on the way that I got for free although I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it. What are the things that you like so much about it?

    • Syaz

      It’s actually a really decent speaker for music firstly… I have my Spotify account linked. It’s great when I’m working or cooking to just ask it to play music. I also have Philips Hue lights, which allow me to control them via voice. When cooking, it’s great for quick recipe conversions, or to get recipe instructions. When I’m bored, my wife and I can play trivia games, etc. There’s a lot of use when you have a connected home.

  • Jeff Thibert

    They’re kinda ugly. Still buying though.

  • Leif Shantz

    At that price I will buy it!

    • henry lo

      i am considering getting it too. i just wondering what kind of compromise they made for the mini version

    • gremlin0007

      Probably in the same lines at the Amazon Dot. Sacrifice speaker quality.

  • bigshynepo

    If only you could change the wake word to something besides ‘okay google’ or ‘hey google’…….
    But I’ll still buy one.

  • Jack Smith

    Looks really good. I have had an Echo since it launched in late 2014 and now several Google Homes. They are actually very different devices even though often compared.

    The Google Home supports natural speech so you just talk to it like you would to your wife. The Echo requires commands that you have memorized.

    The Google Home knows people apart by the sound of the voice and the Echo is NOT able to do this.

    The Google Home is a telephone that taps into Google Search and your contacts by using the sound of your voice. None of this can the Echo able to do.

    Seems like a no-brainer to get this over a Dot. Oh yea, then the Google Home is much better at answering questions and is just a lot smarter. But it is the core difference of commands versus natural speech that sets the Google Home miles ahead of the Echo, IMO.