Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone X is offered at a ‘value price’


  • Jason

    I mean he isn’t wrong, people freely by $2000+ Macbooks. His target market isn’t about saving money.

    • It’s Me

      Probably still a stretch to call it a value price.

      Though reports are that the margin is substantially lower than any previous flagship iPhone.

    • LeTricolore

      I mean, it’s not like he’s going to say “Nah, we’re blatantly ripping off anyone who buys it”.Take it with a grain of salt.

    • Do Do

      Except that those MacBooks will typically last a lot longer than any Iphone.

  • Zul Rizvi

    Wud be so dumb to pay this much to buy iphone.

  • Marc Palumbo

    I never understood why this is a question that had to be asked and why it was answered.With Apple, you know what to expect and you know what it will cost. Don’t buy an iPhone if $$$ is what you’re concerned about.

  • southerndinner


  • Ryan

    It benchmarks on par with an i5 desktop, can’t disagree

    • Riddlemethis

      You can’t disagree because you don’t want to disagree.

    • It’s Me

      And he stated facts. You can disagree because facts aren’t convenient to you. Like education and intelligence.

  • Andrew Holt

    This Tim Cook guy is delusional, and quite frankly with comments like this, he probably should retire from the tech industry and is more suited to be something like a barista at Starbucks instead.

    • It’s Me

      You should write the board and offer your expertise.

      Decades of successful business leadership, but you know better. I’m sure you’re running multiple multiple billion dollar companies to believe you could do a better job. Next we’ll hear from the illiterate factory worker with his guidance on how the company is failing.

    • Riddlemethis

      Lol. Where’s the rest of your herd hiding? Baaaaaaah.

    • It’s Me

      At their jobs? My herd is the educated and employed.

      The actual funny part is when the dimwits start offering business advice to the most successful company in the world. It’s like you offering advice on education and employment 😉 No one asks monkeys for your advice.

    • xanth18

      Tim Cook is a hack. Apple products are garbage.

    • It’s Me

      Of course.

    • Smanny

      Let me translate what Cook is really saying. “Because you will pay anything for this phone, we can price it at whatever we want. We can tell you it’s a good deal because you’ll believe anything we say.”

      Look at our new quick charging in the new line up of iPhone’s. We don’t want to include any quick charging hardware in the box with our new iPhone’s. We expect you to be responsible and purchase that extra. Just because other non iPhone OEMs including quick charging with their smartphones out of the box doesn’t mean a thing. We think that it would be in your best interest to purchase additional hardware from us to make your overall experience better for you.

  • rgl168

    Tim Cook: I’ve upped my value, now up yours!

  • Zach Murray

    “it does more so it costs more”

    Well yes i guess so

  • aaron

    Soon enough we will need a mortgage for our phones, just like house and cars. Oh wait….

  • heynow00

    That’s the answer I’d expect from telecom rep…

  • Jonathan Leong

    It took courage to offer it at that price [sarcasm]

  • Riddlemethis

    I guess if I had as much disposable income as Cook I’d too say the iPhone 8+ was value priced.

    It’s a pity, looks to me like Cook is being influenced by Trump’s crazy comments and he’s starting to speak rubbish.

    • It’s Me

      You likely don’t have as much disposable income as his gardener so you probably shouldn’t worry too much about the price of a product you can’t buy.

      But it does seem to bother you.

    • John Lofwire

      Wtf Trump as to do with this?

      Crook is only influenced by is own shareholder as its everything that has value for him and not the client themselve so he is more a liberal democrate 😉

  • Razvan Zamfir

    Title was a bit misleading…I was expecting to read something along the lines: Tim Cook says Apple is selling the X almost at-cost price – which would’ve been ridiculous; but i guess his statement is just as much BS: because you can pay it over a longer period of time, the price becomes good value.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Cook does have a point. Many people are using trade-ins to get a couple hundred off the price of a new phone and of course many still are using cell phone contracts of which they pay at best half the cost upfront and ‘finance’ the rest over a 2-3 year term. This is not unlike buying a car or financing any other electronics purchase where fronting the cash is not an option for most people. That’s why payment plans exist and it amuses me those who think for a phone to be of value means you have to be able to pay cash for it. If consumer society was based entirely on that notion no one would ever buy anything.

    • John Lofwire

      But you can do this with any OEM at a much lower cost lol

      so its a bad excuse that mean nothing.

  • John Lofwire

    but many others OEM offer similar tech at much lower price.. and customer can still use trade-in subsidy ect.

    What a half baked excuse mr Tim Crook.

  • Do Do

    Although I may be buying one as a gift for someone, if it’s released this year, it’s ridiculous to say “the phone is being offered at a value price” Absolutely ridiculous. Especially considering its a disposable device with a non removable battery. You can either afford it, (or have someone buy it for you) or you can’t afford it but it’s not nearly close to a reasonable price when you consider these recent phones typically cost around $300 to make, and I don’t imagine this phone will be any different.

  • Do Do

    It would be nice if this site would either post my comments or at minimum state why they have to be “approved” If comments don’t include vulgarity, you shouldn’t have to “approve” anything and as so called wannabe journalists you should be offended by this kind of censorship.

  • Brad Fortin

    It’s got the screen quality of a $500+ TV/monitor, better performance than a ~$400 Kaby Lake i5, better camera performance than a $300+ point-and-shoot, etc. Yeah, I’d say it’s a good deal. People often take it for granted that all these features used to cost thousands of dollars if purchased separately, and often forget that they’re carrying a modern supercomputer in their pocket.

    • Do Do

      It also has a non removable battery that will last around 18-36 months, sure maybe a little more perhaps if you’re a lite user but it will be half life. You can find plenty of 10 year old mac’s being used that are able to do what they did when first purchased, try finding an original Iphone that can do what it did when it came out and in 10 years try and find the Iphone X being used. It won’t because like everyone else, Apple creates disposable phones, and what can you do with all that stated power, think about it, what exactly can you do with it, that you *would*. It’s like putting a jet engine on a station wagon that is only driven in stop and traffic. All that power is useless and unnecessary but it looks great on paper.

      Come to think of it, my original Iphone still works I think, but I had to replace the battery years ago, which was much easier to do back then.

    • Brad Fortin

      what can you do with all that stated power, think about it, what exactly can you do with it, that you *would*. It’s like putting a jet engine on a station wagon that is only driven in stop and traffic. All that power is useless and unnecessary but it looks great on paper.

      But that power is being used all the time, for every task, no matter the task. Whether someone’s trying to sequence their DNA or just load a web page getting it done faster is always better than getting it done slower. Sure, it might be like strapping a jet engine to a car but the only congestion is other cars that also have jet engines so all traffic is flying at a breakneck pace. And, the sooner all that traffic gets to where it needs to go the sooner the phone can go back to idling (which takes up far less energy), a strategy often called a “race-to-idle”. So all that power is absolutely useful and necessary, especially if you enjoy long battery life.

    • Suresh Aryal

      Modern supercomputer? You mean the one that doesn’t even have a file manager? Give me a break and oh, don’t tell me about that new files app.

    • Brad Fortin

      Please, tell me, where in the definition for “supercomputer” do you see “Requires a file manager that satisfies Suresh Aryal”?

    • Suresh Aryal

      By your logic even a calculator with an i5 CPU counts as a supercomputer. Software is what separates modern computers and Android has full file management, dedicated navigation buttons, ability to set default apps, playing any multimedia format any time, ability to watch any movie from sideloaded apps (the ones that are not on Netflix etc).
      Also your original post is hilarious. Those individual components cost pennies compared to your evaluation. By your logic my S7 has a picture quality of a $1000 TV and I paid only $500 CAD. Oh and don’t forget iPhone still records mono audio (in 2017).
      Better performance than a Kaby Lake i5? Go and google sustained performance and ARM CPU’s will never x86 CPU’s.

    • Brad Fortin

      Android fans are always so quick to move the goalposts.

  • Arman

    As long as people pay for it they will charge more and more.