Vidéotron says it was ‘forced to put an end’ to Unlimited Music, will give customers free data

Following a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) on April 20th, Vidéotron will shutter its Unlimited Music service on August 4th.

Vidéotron bundles its Unlimited Music streaming feature with all premium plans, which the CRTC noted in its decision that the carrier is giving an undue preference to certain customers.

With the August 4th date looming, Vidéotron has sent a letter the Unlimited Music subscribers informing them that it was “forced to put an end” to the music offering. To make up for the missing feature, Vidéotron is going to make good by upping the data to customers subscribed to the streaming service.

Videotron Unlimited Music

According to the letter, Vidéotron says it “will be adding a permanent mobile data add-on to your current plan” and “it will be calculated according to the month in which the usage of Unlimited Music was at its highest over the past year.”

Documents received by MobileSyrup indicate that some customers are set to receive between 2GB and 8GB of free data per month.

Vidéotron also informed customers that they do not need to do a thing but simply wait for August 4th to roll around and the additional data will appear on their monthly bill. However, there is some fine print to take note of.

“In the weeks following August 4th, 2017, your Customer Centre account or invoice may show more data consumption that is included in your plan. This allows Vidéotron to continue offering the best mobile experience as we update all accounts affected by this change. The error will be adjusted in the coming weeks, without any impact on your invoice. Should you change your plan, from one that included Unlimited Music to another, you may not be eligible for this offer,” says the letter to customers.

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