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Pebble Time 3.3 update makes it easier to see the relationship between events

Pebble Time

Pebble just released the latest update for its recently released second generation smartwatch, and while Pebble Time 3.3 doesn’t add an enormous amount of functionality to what is already a pretty good package, there is one feature that Pebble Time users are sure to appreciate.

As of this update, the smartwatch’s timeline view now better illustrates the relationship between different scheduled events. With the new bars that appear on the right hand side of the timeline view, it’s possible to to see if two events overlap, if they occur back-to-back, or if there’s a gap between them.

Pebble notes that if an event does not have a set duration, then a relationship bar won’t appear. Contrast how the timeline view looks in the lead image versus how it looks in the screenshot below to get a better sense of how the new feature works.

New Pebble Time Timeline View
Also included in this update are the usual assortment of bug fixes and stability improvements.

A always, updating a Pebble Time smartwatch to the latest firmware is done launching the accompanying Android and iOS app and navigating to Menu > Support > Update Your Pebble Time.

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