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Apple Watch tipped to launch late March

Apple Watch

Apple whisperer Mark Gurman is back at it again, citing sources who indicate the Apple Watch will launch in March of this year. Apple has always been expected to release its first smartwatch in the early part of 2015, but according to Gurman, the end of March is the soonest the company can release the smartwatch as it continues to optimize the device’s battery and inductive charging mechanism.

Gurman’s sources have also indicated that Apple is rolling out an extensive training program for retail employees in mid-February to familiarize them with the wearable. As smartwatches have as yet been unable to catch on as a mainstream tech device, this training time is likely a crucial part of Apple’s strategy to introduce the mass populace to the product category.

Of course, while this news is exciting for wearables fans, Gurman’s 9to5Mac is also the website that has indicated that Canada is unlikely to be a launch market for the Apple Watch.


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