Canada unlikely to be launch market for Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was one of the most high profile products that didn’t launch in 2014. Announced alongside the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, we’re not used to Apple announcing products that don’t come out for months, but the company offered no indication as to when its smartwatch would launch beyond ‘early 2015.’

Apple Watch

Now that we’ve rung in the new year and it’s officially 2015, Apple is keen to keep eager would-be Watch owners informed. The company has updated several of its European websites to include an ‘early 2015’ release timeframe. Previously, these countries were promised nothing beyond a 2015 launch and only Apple’s U.S. website carried the promise of an early 2015 release.

The bad news is that while Apple has been updating its local websites for countries around the world, Apple.com/ca/watch still has the same, “Available in 2015,” you see above. If that doesn’t change, it means Canada likely won’t be on the list of launch countries and will instead be included in a second wave release of the Apple Watch.