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WSJ says Apple’s iWatch will feature NFC for mobile payments, come in two sizes

iWatch Concept

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that sources familiar with the matter indicate Apple’s much-rumoured iWatch will not see release this year. According to WSJ’s sources, “engineering kinks in production” are preventing Apple from hitting an intended October/November release date.

However the WSJ also says that when the iWatch does arrive, it will come in two different sizes, with a curved OLED screen, and NFC. The upcoming iPhone has long be rumoured to feature NFC for mobile payments, but apparently the smartwatch will also play a role in Apple’s mobile payments plans. The WSJ journal also believes that NFC will play a role in connecting and pairing the two devices.

A 2015 release for the iWatch will likely not be met with a warm reception next week at Apple’s September 9th event, but of greater concern is just how Apple plans to incorporate the iWatch into a broader payments offering while solving the security issues around NFC. The iPhone 6 will presumably feature an updated version of Touch ID; an NFC-enabled iWatch might require exactly the same type of security blanket.


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