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Google Developing More Stylish Google Glass with Prescription Lenses, says WSJ

Google Glass in its current form certainly gets some strange looks from those passing by. You also can’t really wear Glass if you’re already wearing glasses. Google has already talked about expanding its range of Glass products and if the rumours are true, the company is one step closer to making a prescription version of this wearable tech.

Word comes from the Wall Street Journal, which states Google is in talks with VSP Global about integrating Google Glass into prescription glasses. WSJ cites VSP CEO Robert Lynch as saying plans include training optometrists to fit patients for Google Glass.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a prescription version of Google Glass. Back in April, Google’s Isabelle Olsson confirmed that prescription Glass was on the cards. Olsson said that Mountain View wants Glass to work for everyone and given many of the Glass team wears glasss themselves, it’s “definitely something [they’re] thinking about.”

Then, in October, Google revealed that all Explorer members would be eligible for a one-time upgrade to new hardware. Details were scant, but Google said this would include “future lines of shades and prescription frames,” and will also come with a mono earbud for better sound support.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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