Upcoming Huawei “P-series” device leaks with 6.2mm frame


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    • Aiden


    • first

      You’re responding to a loser.

    • Aiden

      What’s your point? You’re still a loser and a troll.

    • first

      At least I don’t go beaking off about things that I have no clue about. Now who’s stupid?

  • Aiden

    Huawei doesn’t even sell in Canada as far as I know. Why are you guys posting about this phone? While interesting phone news sure, but this company doesn’t even have anything to do with Canada.

    • Brad Hermann

      Yes they do. Wind mobile

    • Robin Mitchell Wakerell

      Smaller carriers like Wind, Mobilicity, Eastlink, and Videotron have carried Huawei in the past, and some still do. Do your research before you make an accusation.

    • Aiden

      Asking a question is not an accusation.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Regardless if a phone comes or not to Canada what others do in the international market could potentially affect future models for those phones that do come here.

    • earagfdsag

      For those who don’t sign contracts, they can buy the phone online and ship from China directly. I had had a few already. Am using a Huawei Honor currently.
      There are people who won’t sit on their butts accepting whatever the local phone companies want them to use!

  • outburst

    Are we headed towards phones being as thin as a credit card? Because that makes me nervous about those times when it will accidentally wind up between our arses and our seats.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      that is why they are building those flexible screens. So that our arses are not part of the equation.

    • Mindmeld

      Are they also building a flexible casing to compliment the flexible screen or will the next big leap be bezel-less phone (i.e. 100%screen)? I can see it being used to fit into a contoured handset body design but the flexibility of the screen itself will not prevent breakages if it is encased in a solid ridged body.

  • EvanKrosney

    Looks like a nice device, and you can’t beat the thinness, but like most of these other Huawei “ultra-thin” phones that we’ve seen over the years I’m not too sure that it’ll make its way to North American shores.

  • DC

    At least it’s more handsome and neat than a S4.

  • PT

    Does this model comes with a build in spy app?

  • Guyyyyyy

    HTC One is just 4mm thick on the side! ^_^ sorry, just had to say it