Huawei announces the Ascend P2: Android 4.1, LTE, 1.5GHz quad-core with a 4.7-inch “infinity edge” display


  • Dr.Hugo

    I prefer BB Z10 🙂

  • Carlos

    They should’ve went with 2gb of ram, I think this device will sell if priced less or the same as the nexus 4

    • EvanK

      Just about ANY high end phone will sell well if priced less or the same as the Nexus 4 😉

  • Blackberry Gangster

    1GB of RAM!? Other than that… not bad.. not bad at all..

  • deltatux

    Huawei is definitely stepping up their game here. Let’s see how the D2 stands out since that’s usually their flagship product. The D1 Quad XL was rather well built.

  • Michael

    More and more Android OEM’s seems to be following Windows Phone tiled homescreen. The Z10, HTC one and now this,Windows Phone tiled system made icons look boring and dated, so everyone is copying Windows Phone now, Would not be surprised to see GS 4 and iOS next update doing the same.

    • lengend

      Yea the Z10 is an Android OEM…moron

    • Sean

      Well i does run Android just they don’t really show that. It runs Gingerbread to run the android apps

    • lengend

      Yea it does but it does not resemble Windows Phone at all as he was saying.

    • jackmam

      thats a widget not a tiled homescreen dumb*ss

  • Piff

    I don’t trust anything from China.

    • deltatux

      Then you must start throwing your computer, phone, lamps, radios, cables, plates, forks, spoons and etc. out the window then since they’re all likely made in China…

  • Michael

    @lengend I know Z10 runs BB10 i***t, the larger point I was making is that OEM’s are now going for that Tiled look, they are moving away from Icons.

    • gnote

      @Michael – if you read what you actually typed originally, it doesn’t make sense. Think about it, before you start spewing because someone didn’t agree with you.

  • Michael

    @gnote, you are with flaws I see, you must be the perfect human being. Like I said the larger point im making stays intact. Android operating system is moving away from Icons to Windows Phone tiled based layout.

  • Dr.Hugo

    Sorry I don’t buy anything from china , I make a point to see where products are made and if it says China i.e. iPhone , I don’t buy . The Z10 is the phone I use and support canadian

    • bobfreeze

      Assembled in Canada, but most of the parts are made in… wait for it… CHINA!

    • Dave

      Just the software is developed in Canada, parts and assembled are in China. Got that … moron!

  • Dave

    Does this model comes with a build in spy app?

  • phonejockey

    Rogers did a terrible job updating the S2 to JB. It is riddled with problems and they should have delayed it again if it means they can fix all of the problems with it.

  • Thedesmodes

    It won’t work with Wind Mobile Canada since the Wind network is AWS or 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz, so unless Wind moves to regular UMTS/GSM or Huawei releases a AWS compatible version it won’t come to Wind Mobile.