Google Now now available on iOS via Search app


  • o_zzy

    Stop injecting android coolness into iOS, GOOGLE!

    • Dylan Neild

      I’d have to risk the inevitable flaming to say that it’s only fair given how much iOS coolness they’ve baked into Android. Circle of life and all that. Realistically though given the market position of iOS (increasing market share in US over Android, etc) not sending their products to iOS doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    • chooch

      Google is in the business of getting your info and selling it, They could care less about this smartphone war. More info=more money

    • alphs22

      Why wouldn’t they want to try to make more money?

  • Aiden

    Honestly given the attitudes towards Google that many Apple users have I can’t pretty much say most people aren’t going to care about this one bit. I know pretty much anyone here at work that has an iPhone just cringes when I talk about Android related stuff because they’re so indoctrinated into hating Google now.

    • alphs22

      Maybe it’s not Google they hate, it’s you shoving Android related stuff down their throats?

      Everyone I know using problems are glad Google Maps is on iOS, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Jason

    Anyone able to download this app? i cant pull it up in search

  • Ketchup

    It’s easy to rebut the fandroid trolls as every single google app is WAY better on iOS.
    It’s laughable really.