Hands-on with the Huawei Ascend D2 and Ascend Mate (video)


  • John z

    To be honest, as much as i like the phone specs & such, The phone looks exacly as a Samsung & a LG. Can they NOT make a new design?

    Other then that i like it. The problem is i would not buy a phone like that unless i get support from the carriers & Huawei



    • Rawrr

      What are you looking for? Triangle phone? hahahah Oval? Square? Octagon? Take your pick, but rectangle is probably the best shape to make a phone.

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      “Can they NOT make a new design?”
      Would you like them to make phones in the shape of a burger or a butterfly to satisfy you? A recangular display needs a rectangular case. What did you expect???

    • John z


      Still tho. They had flip phones & look now, they invented brick phones. I am sure companies can invent or design a phone a different way. It does not need to be the same old design over & over. Look at the front of this one, same look as the LG & Samsung phone which i can even show you.

      Tech savvy people do not see this tho, they only care about the specs which is great & all but not everyone cares aboout specs.

    • 2see

      RIP Android 🙂

  • Graff

    When you think about it, what other new phone shapes can they create?? The shape of new phones will probably be the same for years to come. I think only the material and size will change.

    • John z

      Still tho. You can tell it looks like a Samsung & part of LG. They need to start making phones look different. Blackberry & Sony seem to be the only ones doing it now. Samsung has done it with the S3.

      I wonder if Huawei & the rest will concider changing the looks from now on instead of the specs.. Specs are not everything that everyone wants. People want change in designs & such.

  • Rhett

    If that guy says um one more time….

  • Jorge

    Is anyone here concerned about Huawei products and the Chinese government? The US and Canadian governments have serious concerns regarding Huawei. Just sayin’.

  • EvanK

    LOVE that 6.1″ display, would’ve been nice to see 1080p though. Also, anyone notice how iOS like Huawei’s skin is? If I bought one of those, first thing I’d do would be flash CM onto it.

  • nexus lover for life

    the only thing chinese are good for is copying. they lack style and originality. the d2 is very ugly like an iphone and the user interface is very ugly like ios. for shame upon you china men

  • new_tradition

    That D2 really is a sexy device *_*

    If I hadn’t ordered a Nexus 4, I could see myself waiting for the D2 to come to Wind.

  • Dave

    Does this model comes with a spy app build in ?

  • Christmas Daniels

    Don’t forget the Chinese Nortel collaboration in which Nortel did not know it was a partner in. Also the built in spy app works amazingly with the GPS, google wallet, and password reader.

  • skullan

    Yep, I’m done with Android.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    So you all don’t trust the chinese but do trust the koreans and the japanese? just want to clarify. might as well through away all your electronics cause everything is built in china.

  • AWSguy

    Gosh this phone looks ugly. HTC needs to train everyone else on how to make phones which are appealing to the eye (yes including samsung). HTC design + samsung hardware. Thats what would be a killer combo!

  • Jorge

    @glassbackbadidea, you got it, I just don’t trust Chinese based companies who’s CEO was a former high ranking official in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. If the USA and Canadian governments have concerns, there is likely a reason.

  • Michael McGuinness

    Waaa waaa waaa…. typical whinefest on here. But in all honesty, I have no intention on buying anything from Huawei.

  • tote94

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