Huawei Ascend P1 Review (video)


  • Sean

    Pretty good medium range device. Glad to see more carriers carrying phones that are around $400 off contract instead of either cheap or expensive phones

    • Tim

      is this bb10?

  • photomike

    I love this device. I would rather the thin body and price point on this device then paying $499 for the galaxy nexus. I really hope Huawei will bring more of their mid and high end devices to Canada specifically to wind.

  • Jimmy

    Mobilicity Galaxy Nexus or Koodo S 2 X

  • Oiluji

    Switching to Wind over a year ago was the best decision I’ve made when it comes to cellphone providers.

    Being released from Rogers’ handcuffs and chains of constant limitations, coupled with slap-in-the face, disrespectful bills, and saying “Hello!” to unlimited everything with a constant monthly bill was effin’ amazing!

    Until my last day, Rogers won’t see a cent from me. Same goes for the other 1.5 – Bellus.

  • Gsizzle84

    Rather have the GNex. Its on sale for $299 +tax at Mobilicity.

    • JC Denton

      Sure, if you want to take 3 hours driving/calling around to find one that has it in stock and will sell it to you without treating you like a criminal first.

  • Why?

    Why would anyone bother with this phone when Mobilicity is selling the Galaxy Nexus for $100 cheaper?
    I would’t touch a Huawei phone with a 10 foot pole.

  • Ivan

    If wind were available where I am, I’d go for this. Huawei phones are alright. Besides, maybe if a few more companies agained some traction we might see some better price points.

  • Android Fanboy

    Great phone, but why would you purchase this when Mobilicity is charging 100$ less for the galaxy nexus. If the pricing for this was 300$ outright, it would be a different ball game.

  • Darren

    Is this more desirable than the Galaxy Nexus? “No Huawei!”

  • Junaid Abdus Samad

    I purchase this phone on wind tab just 2 days ago. The phone is really good but i am returning this phone as it is having signal problem that is very very low or no signal. When i place the same SIM in my old phone at same place it works with 100% signal.

  • Janika

    Junaid Abdus Samad; It’s weird that you are experiencing “reception issues. I also have a Huawei Astro, which is the cheaper model from wind and has only Droid 2.3, but since May, I only had one signal issue, and that was when we had a huge storm in London, On. I think these phones deserve more credit. The company has been around for long enough. Good value handsets that are highly popular at other parts of the Globe. I came from Fido and unlimited calling / text was a blessing. I got real sick of the number games and restrictions and the $8/mnth call display 🙁 Wind may not be perfect (yet) in Canada, but with close to half a million customers, They are here to stay.

  • Richard

    Mr. Bader didn’t mention the rather poor keyboard layout(mentioned in other reviews) and not so great spellchecker on the P1.

    I would wait until the Huawei Ascend D-quad is introduced in Canada later this year. Also, the price point on the P1 at Wind is about $100 to much. Wind Mobile should follow the Mobilicity model by lowering its price on the Galaxy S3 and the Huawei P1.

  • Android FTW

    Looks like a great phone. Love the pure ics feature. Now, if wind can improve their network speed and connection, this will really become a great phone.

  • Eric

    My wife and I switched over to wind on august 31st, 2012. We both decided to get this phone after I had read through reviews on the available phones. I have to say that we both really liked the features (display, OS, camera..) that were offered. Unfortunately within the first weekend of getting the phones mine rebooted for no apparent reason (while I was changing wallpapers) and she had issues with being able to see the screen after placing a call (light sensor issue?). We called wind about her issue and they said they would replace it but I was not willing to take the risk in keeping this phone because I want to have it for 3 years to honour the windtab agreement. We both decided to switch to the motorola razr which turned out to be cheaper because of a promotion – WOOT!. I have read that build quality is suspect and after my experience i definately agree. It is unfortunate because we both really liked our phones.

    Hope this helps..

  • Stevie

    Darn! Should have waited half a year.

    Had bought a Huawei U8860 (called Honor/Mercury in the States)in Feb. Love it very much! Rock solid. Fast. Changeable long-lasting battery.

    To those brainwashed folks, stick to your overpriced Samsung or iPhone. I don’t like carrying the same generic phone as gazillion others anyway.

  • Yuss’r

    A 512MB MicroSD card? Is that a joke? May as well just saved the plastic and not included anything. I thought 2GB was the lowest you could offer nowadays.

  • Nukes little buddy

    My brother moved to Quebec for a year to work. As you may know, Wind does not have service in Quebec.

    I paid Wind $30 to suspend his line for 6 months, from June 23 to December 23. And I was told I could call back later, pay another $30 and extend the suspension again.

    Well I called in to double check that tonight, and it turns out Wind has changed their policy. Now, you cannot suspend a line unless the phone is lost/stolen or you are travelling and the suspension is limited to 7 days.

    The only choice Wind has left us, is to pay for service not in use, or to cancel.

    With no tab, it’s obviously cheaper to cancel for the remainder of the period.

    I just changed his Koodoo plan from Canada-Wide Super 6GB to Canada Wide Double Promo 57. When he comes back to Toronto he’ll decide whether to run back to Wind, my guess is this news will piss him off and he won’t… RIP out 2nd HMP $40 (the first was mine, but I gave it up voluntarily to leave for Bell)