Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 in Yellow now available, offers up a free wireless charger with purchase


  • yoda

    The era of 1gb flagships is over…920 missed the boat…..i dont want to sound like a hater…but i honestly havent seen one person in the wild with this phone.

    • RJayMirosovsky

      the 1GB on this phone is more then enough to run smoothly, its not an android device and doesnt need 4 gb of ram to run the os. Its a beautiful phone that runs like a gem

    • TCK

      It’s not because your OS of choice runs poorly with 1GB that they all do.
      Windows Phone is incredibly responsive, fast and smooth on this phone (and mostly all other WP8 devices).

      If you’re dissatisfied with your platform, don’t blame the other. Just switch.

  • mrdeeds72

    I love my HTC 8X from Bell, but I stand by the notion that exclusivity is killing the 920 in Canada as well as lack of promotion by service providers is stifling WP 8 overall.

    • Sean

      Agreed if Microsoft really wanted WP8 to gain any traction they had to release the 920 and 8x on all the major carriers.The 920 is pentaband so that wouldn’t be a problem and T-Mobile has a version of the 8X so that also wouldn’t be a problem. And I have not seen ANY advertising for the WP8 devices. And it doesn’t look like there will be any new ones in the near future other then those two new Lumia low and medium end devices

  • Alex

    I definitely would love this device, However I just bought the 620 outright as I find pay as you go a little easier on the pocket especially since I work in a Wifi heavy area.

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol too late Rogers. The Galaxy S4 is coming out soon a and I don’t think anyone would buy this Lumia over the S4. Nokia shouldn’t have agreed to this exclusivity bullcrap cuz they lost a lot of sales because of it.

    • jplunks

      To late? Fanboys and worst then trolls. Samsung Galaxy 4 has yet to be officially announced, but yea its waaaay to late. That’s smart

  • beyond

    maybe if Rogers launched this in November with the free charging plate, more people would have signed up. But this is way too late, 4 months late, and Nokia is already going to release the 920 successor this year – lighter and with pure view hopefully. I’d rather wait for that instead.

  • Dalex

    I’m ok with Red, but yellow? Just that picture burns my eyes with its repulsiveness…

    Here’s a recipe for you Nokia. Ditch WP, make an Android device that combines stock Android with your added apps (Maps, Drive, Transit, Music, Lens, etc.), market the bejeezus out of it, put it on every carrier and sell it for Galaxy S device price. Oh also… make it slimmer and lighter plz, I don’t need a phone to bash people over the head with.

    • jplunks

      Well Nokia had first thought and was planning to go to Android. Nut Nokia wanted to use there own Nokia maps and own service’s. But Google denied them…. Google/Android open source as long as they can make a buck outta it

    • WP74Life

      And the android market is overcrowded with companies while WP is young and there still place for an OEM to dominate the market.
      Going for android is a long, painful suicide while with WP you at least have a chance.
      Look at Moto, sony ericsson, HTC (android).
      XDA is the savior of Android, community working for your company, for free!
      hahaha, google must be laughing like mad ape!

  • EvanK

    Nice, but $50 on a 3 year seema a little much. Free on a 3 year or $50-100 on a 2 year wouldn’t be too bad though.

    • Jplunks

      but $99-$149 for a android on 3yrs term makes sense? Nokia 920 $450+ vs SG3 $600+ makes alot more sense then

    • EvanK


      No, $150 for a 3 year term with ANY phone doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand how carriers can justify pricing a phone higher on a 3 year than they do on 2 years south of the border.

      And IIRC, the Lumia 920 is $450 currently on AT&T with no contract.

    • Jatsober

      Sir would you like a BMW M6 with that as well?
      Heights :O

  • hinc

    damit…. i so want this phone….. cant get my self to justify spending $599 on it… i do have the flagship devices for other platform… this is the missing link

  • Jon

    Did they seriously take this long to offer a free wireless charger, let alone colour choice?

  • Michael

    Lumia 920 is a work of art, recently bought the red Lumia from Microsoft store in Yorkdale Mall hooked it up on Mobilicity, everything is great except I can’t receive MMS im guessing cause of Mobilicity APN setting otherwise this phone is just about as good as you can get right now.

  • jjj

    Just picked up a yellow 920. I love WP8, so I don’t really care what other more “knowledgeable” people, and I must say it looks awesome.

    Also it came with a rebate so the $29 phone is free and I got a voucher for a free wireless charger…so uh yah…more phone pricing discussion please..?