iPhone 5S rumoured to be announced in August, comes with a faster processor and better camera


  • Alex

    “Wow! That’s shocking! Didn’t see that coming!” said no one EVER.

    • BIll Murray


    • Mantiteo

      this should OFFICIALLY kill off blackberry and their app-less phone


    • REDRUM

      RIP APPLE!!!!

    • EvanK

      Too little too late. This is getting old, Apple needs something new and different, they can’t just keep rehashing the same 6 year old phone with updated internals every year, they need something new and fresh.

  • android fanboy

    Still the same lame os that was released back in 2007…

    • Lol Retards

      You mean the phone that Samsung used for “inspiration” and then upgraded on a yearly basis by improving DARE I SAY IT? the camera and processor!!!!!!

    • phreezerburn

      Cue the hype machine and up comes the Unobtainiun chasis, 3D screen and every other thing from Minority Report Cupertino thinks their sycophants will swallow hook, line and sinker… At least it affords the media another chance at earning their Apple advertising bucks and that keeps someone, somewhere, gainfully employed.

    • Tom

      To be fair, there actually have been plenty of improvements over the years – they’re just under-the-hood stuff related to performance and aren’t immediately visible to the end user.

      But yeah, the interface needs a serious overhaul. The last major change was a copy of Android’s notification drawer.

  • @PlazmicFlame

    Apple hardware is irrelevant. I want an iOS redisgn or at least some enhancements, more options etc. For example, can I get time stamps on all my text messages? (without jail breaking)

  • Oldschool

    The camera and processor on the iPhone 5 are pretty impressive, sounds to me like they’re improving the wrong things. How about a useful OS for a change?

  • wewewi

    Another very imaginative news they’ll grant us with;

    It’ll cost 199$ on a 3-years term!

  • Tom

    the iphone 4 runs the current operating system just fine, the iphone 5 is already much more powerful than the iphone 4 so increasing cpu speed will be pointless on the current OS. Also since I never use flash to take a photo I really don’t care if it has a white and a yellow flash, if I want a low light photo I use a better camera so I don’t need flash or a longer exposure. I really hope they revamp springboard in iOS 7. Everything else is pretty good but springboard could easily be modified without making the OS more difficult to use or understand

  • Dan


  • Jess


  • screamer

    That is the news of the day. Every year the same thing. Like the iPhone but the os needs a big make over. When the iPhone can still run it than there is something wrong people buying a new phone. I like the iPhone 4 for it’s size.

  • talarico

    How many think it will still NOT have a notification light on the front and/or NFC capabilities?

    • @PlazmicFlame

      I would bet $100 on “No NFC” in the iPhone 5S

  • Gus

    I think Mobilesyrup is confused.. Why post apple news when this site is visited by Samsung sheep who throw $$ every year at the junky plastic crap that samsung keeps pushing out with terrible software.

    Samsung could make a phone as ridiculous as something “inspired by nature” and have ring tones that sound like someone urinating into a toilet and the samsung sheep would still buy it…

    • Dalex

      You’re right, maybe they should be like the iSheep instead. Those just purchase the same phone with the same OS with little to no software innovations since 2007. And why do they do it really? For the logo on the back of the phone? I don’t know, I don’t necessarily agree with Samsung, but you can’t blame them for trying to actually implement cool software, as gimmicky as it is.

      Personally I’ll stick with my Nexus 4. Has all the freedom of Android, with the speed of updates that IOS devices get. And hey, at least those updates are relevant :P.

    • Gus

      The problem is Google keeps improving android, but then samsung keeps ruining it with their terrible UI and crappy features.

  • iYawn

    Who cares? iPhone designs and “improvements” have become a joke. I’d rather spend my money on either BlackBerry/Windows Phone which helps increase competition and forces Apple and Google to innovate.

  • Lol Retards

    Isn’t every Android based phone based around a faster processor and better camera? However when Apple does it they receive criticism when Samsung, HTC etc do it its ok?

    Seems like the fandroids are the real sheep…

    • potta@ash.com

      No you got it wrong. It’s the iSheeps who always criticize Android for bringing in faster processor, but when their beloved overpriced fisherprice gets a faster processor it’s suddenly ok.

    • test@mess.ca

      No you got it wrong. It’s the iSheeps who always criticize Android for bringing in faster processor, but when their beloved overpriced fisherprice gets a faster processor it’s suddenly ok.

    • Marc

      Let’s see…. EVERY phone that succeeds the old model has *shocked* a better processor and better camera. If we look at the recently announced HTC One, it has (in addition to a better CPU and camera) stereo front facing speakers, all aluminum body and improved Super LCD3 1080P screen.

      Granted we don’t know if/what other improvements (hardware wise) will be in the 5S/6/whatevertheyaregoingtocallit, but we all know that Apple is resistant to change/innovation in the hardware department other than CPU and camera.

  • yoda

    While i dont mind a 4-4.3″ screen (ie. Z10) but unless apple increases the width of their screen this iphone is completely useless to me. Also like everyone has stated ios is ancient and boring….after seeing bb10 everything else looks dated to me imho. also without samsung building the a7 i have my reservations about it being good.

  • potts

    same phone beter camera and processer boring already

  • Phone Person

    Fix the screen size. I don’t need something like a Galaxy S3 or a Note, but I would like the entire circumference increased- not just at the bottom. Longer phones are useless.

  • D

    I think if anything this PROVES (in a way) that their main focus is going to be a revamped iOS! Apple’s not stupid.. Its pretty much known across the entire world that iOS needs a revamp! Apple will listen or they’ll start to lose marketshare!

  • mike

    Wow. Hasn’t Apple figured it out yet. They need to be more creative and start being innovative by building an entirely new OS and redesign the hardware. Apples IPhone are getting extremely boring. They need to build an entirely new phone and have that wow feeling back again. Get rid of the Iphone entirely and create a new phone. Apple is turning into Rim (Blackberry) and people got tired of boring blackberry’s that were all the same. And Rim (Blackberry) is close to bankruptcy soon. And even the Z10 is a huge flop and not selling that well. Apple needs to bring that wow feeling to consumers again like they did with the original IPhone after that Apple lost their creativity and innovation. Apple needs to listen to consumers. Build something new.

    • …>

      z10 A HUGE FLOP?

  • DSimpson

    Sick of IOS now , same lame interface , need something new and excited. Changing to some other phone soon

  • Johnny

    I wish there will be NFC this time…that might help getting real mobile payment apps in Canada (Google wallet on iOS? :o)

  • talarico

    HTC One is my only viable option right now.
    Hurry up Telus – launch it already!

  • Nick

    Longer screen too? This is just another way to get the isheep to buy more iproducts…

  • superfly

    Finger print scanner….. And send your prints to the government for NWO

  • Nideiki

    I think Apple is very please with what they achieved in the last few years. Obviously, the competition now is fierce and competitors will have no mercy and my guess is that Apple will take their time to revamp iOS for 2014. Meanwhile, they will release this iP5S. They have to bring something new, not hardware related, on table or else, it is too late.

  • you people are indoctrinated

    it seems you galaxy sheep are nervous. it takes 8 cores for Samsung to match apple speed of a dual core. now the 5S will obviously be faster then the S4

    • Jonny

      Where do you get your info??? Samsung makes apples chips!!! plus samsung is going quad core with the gs4 so the iphone 7 wont even beable to compare

  • Sweet

    I’m pretty sure it will have NFC and more advances in their mobile payments strategy. They can’t get by with just tweaks anymore.

  • iDiot

    i’m already standing in line as i write this comment.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg


  • Jonny

    its funny how every year apple puts out the same phone and the same stupid isheep keep buying it. The iphone hasnt actually changed since the original. Yea maybe its a little better but pleasemy gs3 from almost a year ago is still going to be better than the iphone 6 cause the 6 will only have 2 new features again hahahahaha

    • Lol Retards

      Until you have to buy a GS4 for the latest OS whereas the iPhone 3GS is still running the latest OS. Other than that both phones have 8MP camera’s, specs are irrelevant because everyone knows Android is inefficient with memory allocation, and the iPhone 5 has 1.5-2x the battery life of the GS3. Umm, in which respect is your phone better?

    • Stupid

      Just a slight correction on your battery comment.

      The 5 is actually lasts about an hour longer than the S3 on average. No where near your 1.5-2x range.
      If you talk on your phone the S3 will beat the 5. The 5 makes the one hour gap mostly from web browsing (the area it’s above average in).

  • EuroPolska


  • I. Skolnick

    Why should Apple do anything different than they have been doing since the iPhone 3, 4 1/2 years ago?

    People will show up in droves to buy the newest thing Apple comes out with, even if they have the last iteration and the new one is only a slight upgrade.

    Any other company would be out of business by now, but for some reason people love Apple and their products, even if they are behind other’s products.

  • SC

    Now that’s magical

  • Happyboy

    There we go again