Huawei Ascend P2 reportedly coming with 720p screen, deflates our full HD dreams


  • SD Card

    Cancelling a 1080p on a 4.5″ screen is a great idea, implementing that would be a waste of money.

    In 2013 there is a market for 4.5″-4.7″ phones. Not everyone wants an:
    “Are you happy to see me or is that your phone?”-phone!

    LG F7: SD card, 4.7″ screen, DUAL core 2540mAh
    Ascend P2:SD card, 4.5″ screen, QUAD core 3000mAh

    Wow! they are the improved version of the S2, with LTE double the RAM and FINALLY!!! a battery that will last you an entire day! How hard was that??

    .2″ more or .2 inches less and Bigger battery AND QUAD core? overclock it and you will still have a FAST phone. ON PAPER the P2 is a WIN.
    Now if they only could price them around $350 ..

  • Espionage


    Chinese spy technology

  • Michael

    Why is every phone moving away from the icons they have to a Windows Phone lookalike Tiled system?,Z10,HTC one now this, wonder if GS4 will do the same. I Guess WP influence is being felt.

  • screamer

    720p is enough for me. Price is awesome! !!

  • ehoustoun

    1080p at 4.5′ = pixel density well beyond the human eye’s ability to perceive. There is really no reason to have that kind of resolution on that small a screen. Frankly anything over 300 ppi takes an eagle eye to pick out the individual pixels.

  • shaker

    I thought the P2 was a 5 inch.