LG officially announces the Optimus F5 and Optimus F7


  • Plazmic Flame

    Okaaaaay….. so which series is the higher brand? L-Series or F-Series??

    • Michael

      Reading the article helps.

    • The winning Formula for 2013

      This is the week that Blackberry falls into “others” the old cover, and the coffer of memories.

      With the HTC One
      -Three lines of phones from LG
      -The Samsung Galaxy S4
      -The new iphone in June
      -The Nexus 5
      -The Motos
      -The Sony

      And the Mobile World Congress Blackberry simply took too long to come up with the new phones. By the time they come up in the US, a few from the list above will be for sale there too.

  • Sean

    Frankly if they can aim this at a $250-350 price this would be a great phone and would sell pretty well. Also not everyone wants a Nexus 4 very few carriers here sell it and none of the big ones do. At that price it could be sold here on a no data contract and would have people on LTE networks for if they do get data.

    Also good sized batteries as well as Jelly Bean and micro sd cards make this attractive

    • The winning Formula for 2013

      Its surprising how the Galaxy S2 from 2011 specs keep resurrecting over and over again!

      LG F7: This is a phone that perfectly covers the needs of millions of people, in 2013 is mid-level:

      4.7″, 1.5Ghz, 2GB RAM (The only update from 2011)LTE and a battery that will last one full day (LTE is a drainer and 4.7″ is big) as has been stated if this phone goes for $349-300 it will be the new “Optimus One” for LG.

      The HTC One and its camera are great, but the lack of SD card will make people consider this phone, but only if its price is under the N4, or it will flop. Following the pressure from above, we still have to see how much will the S3 drop in price once the S4 is announced. If the F7 gets too close in price to the N4 and S3, it will be torn into pieces.
      For comparison the S2x still sells in numbers at Koodo for $250, so this phone at $300 for the .2″; the LTE and double the RAM sound fair.

  • chuck

    An Android phone that doesn’t have quad core is a piece of junk. Unless your okay with lag.

  • jonathan

    none of these phone matter because the htc one has just been unveiled

  • Memischap

    What’s going to come at at MWC I am tired of everyone thinking their too special FTP announce all at the same time. Their just worried someone else will steal the show

  • Frosty

    Anybody got a rundown on the differnces between the G, F, L and V series LG phones?

    In a previous Mobilesyrup article with the LG teaser it said

    “In the video LG highlight that the G stands for “greatness”, L is for “style,” V is for “view” and F for “freedom.” ”

    WTF does that mean?

  • The winning Formula for 2013

    The only thing you have to know about the LG lineup for 2013 is:
    If you want a 5″ phone- Get the Samsung one, more support, better reselling value, faster upgrades, one way or the other.

    If you want a 4.7″ phone mid range, get the F7 (depending on the price, or a N4, or an S3.

    If you want a cheaper phone: get a used upper level from 2012.

    If you want a sub $80 basic Android get the LG Optimus One from 2011, that’s by far the BEST LG phone ever!

    The F7 could be the new one but all depends on the price.

  • Rod

    HTC one!

  • Phones look great but….

    THEY’RE DUO-CORE! WTH? Oh yeah… I forgot… only blackberry phones get crapped on when they have duo-core in 2013.

  • HM

    never buying LG again after what they did to their flagship optimus 2x/g2x customers


    optimus F7 FTW!