Huawei Ascend P2 poses for the blurrycam as it nears MWC debut


  • drone

    Good battery capacity considering the size of the phone itself. However, 2200mAh is still below par for 2013.

  • gfggvf

    2200mah is not “whopping” on a 1080p phone. This is fail.

  • CRTC

    I’m glad to see 1080p come to smaller then 5″ screens. 469PPI is crazy

  • Henaway

    8GB internal storage? We’re screaming about a lack of 32GB or higher option on the Nexus 4, and they drop a 1080p phone with a 13MP shooter on us with 8GB in it?? Doesn’t look to be a microSD slot in there either.

    Huawei is trying, they really are, but they’re still getting some big fails that will keep them out of peoples pockets.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Sorry , will not support China

  • Dave

    Does it comes with a build in spy app as usual?

  • Michael

    Well it certainly looks like a run of the mill Android phone.

  • pacalis

    Gonna have a big dump if you haven’t taken one in two years.

  • pacalis

    Damn it. Wrong thread.

  • me2

    huawei and wind mobile go together quite nicely.

  • EvanK

    These phones are nice and all, but what’s the real likelihood that they’ll hit Canadian soil? Sure, WIND launched the P1, but other than that the Big 3 never seem to pick up any of these great handsets.

  • Mr . Michael

    Ugly OS display on homescreen, looks like a half cooked Windows Phone version.

  • Ken

    Its nice to hear about all these great phones that are coming out in 2013 but here in Canada it seems we don’t see to many of them and what we do see are off shoots or are just plain junk. The big three seem to have a good control of the types of phones to be sold here in Canada. We need to see more unlocked phones made available so that we can choose the carriers we want to do business with. Again the market here has to be opened up for more competition. Just my thoughts.

  • shaker

    I saw this phone discounted to $279 on chinese web site! and free shipping.

    • Dave

      That was 2 for $279 on chinese web site!