Bell Mobile TV first in Canada to broadcast the Oscars live on smartphones and tablets


  • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fk off Bhell………

    TIMEOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! TALK TO THE HAND!!!!!!!!!

    • Rio

      I dont know why all of you are crying. I think Mobile TV is actually worth it.

      You get it free on most 50+ plans and 5$ for 10hours is a steal. Yes I know you guys made awesome points that you can watch this OTA for free but I am sorry I dont carry a TV and antennas every where I go.

      Once in a while I fork over the 5$ if I know I am gonna be missing any games or doing a lot of travelling and need to watch tv.

    • Steve

      Can you say… Wind

  • bing bang

    Mobile TV… What a ripoff. I hope you’re all downloading your shows and movies for free from torrents.

    When these big billion dollar companies stop trying to rip us off then I’ll consider downloading illegal… Until then the only illegal thing I see is the corruption in our telecommunication sector with the government.

    • Bad Apple

      bell and now rogers can booboo my booboo…

      However, in Canada downloading is kind of “legall” since there is a levy on every usb sticks, memory cards, recordable media, mp3 players, etc….. And this is not well known fact to public (SIC!) And most of this levy (most) is going to “Artist Fund” (Yeah, Right!) – so keep downloading 🙂

      On happy note:

      bell and now rogers can booboo my booboo….

  • Not caring

    No interest in Academy Awards whatsoever.

    Thanks anyway

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol! Bell bragging about an award show. Pathetic just like your rip off mobile TV.

  • RatedFun

    One more reason the Asrtal/Bell deal needs to be stopped dead in its tracks, yet again.

  • ag

    I like the tv add on. When I go grocery shopping with my hubby he watches tosh.o while I shop 😛 plus it is included in our plans so bonus !

    • Reality Struck

      He prefers watching TV more than spending time with you. Ouch.

  • JohnN

    Am I missing something?
    Way back when, we used to watch pictures on a small screen (10″ if I recall well – B&W at that).
    Over the years, we have progressed to where we can watch stuff almost live-size (larger in some cases) on 80″ HD wall units.
    Now: The latest in technical progress (drum roll…….)
    Bell brings you pictures on a 5½ inch screen!!!!!


  • Rag3r

    Wow how wonderful of them to charge to stream a show over the Internet that not only most people get on their tv through paid cable/satellite subscriptions but is available OTA for free…. F@ck off bell.

  • Johnny

    Does any body really care??????

  • ehoustoun

    A handy perk of owning half the tv stations in the country…

  • MG

    Bell can duck my sick!

  • Rag3r

    Point is if something is ota for free, why can’t I get it on the Internet for free too. What difference does it make what screen o watch it on. Or if I pay for bell tv and subscribe channels why should I pay to watch my subscriptions on a different type of screen.

  • bobblehead

    I’m sorry, but I just dont get the value prop here. If I really wanted to watch the Oscars – or any show for that matter – why would I do it on my phone? People have TVs and computers which provide a way better experience. The only people I can see doing it are parking attendants.

  • Netguru

    I don’t know what planet you live on…but here on Planet Earth, Sunday is the 24th not the 25th.

  • ron

    How much TV can you watch on 1 battery charge?

  • Anonymous


  • Obstacle-Man

    I don’t fully understand why bell would take a huge cut in advertising revenue (no internet broadcast) in order to push a service that will never last.