Rogers prices the upcoming Samsung ATIV S at $599.99 on a month-to-month


  • General Gustov

    As much as I like this phone I wont lock myself into a 3yr contract ever and wont pay $600 for a phone as long as there is a NEXUS 4 device out there that gives me more options at a very decent price

    • jdam2

      price is not everything.
      you pay a higher price for a better experience.(iphone for example)

    • Kevin

      Every article that mentions price means that the Nexus 4 will inevitably be brought up. When Google and LG figure out how to manage a supply chain, maybe it will be worthwhile to discuss the N4 as a worthwhile comparison to any of these other phones

    • Keith

      I find both this and the Nexus 4 are rather lacklusture phones that I wouldn’t want.

    • ICS

      ANY phone that is NOT the N4 is loosing precious time with those risiculous prices.

      They are just making people :more patient” with those high prices.

      If they had a bit of brain they would be reducing their prices while the N4 is out of stock.

      S3-16GB coming to Koodo at $400-$450 on Dec 10th or sooner.

  • hunkyleepickle

    149$ on a three year contract with an operating system that is unproven? Besides, what does this phone offer over the lumia for 50$ more on contract? Ridiculous.

    • EvanK

      Nokia’s gone all in with WP, if it fails they’re essentially dead. For Samsung, WP is a bit of an afterthought. They’re already doing so well with Android that it really doesn’t matter how well this sells. If a few people buy it, good for them, but it’s not a huge concern for them.

  • Sean

    Agreed the Ativ S really is nothing special the design is like samsung had to make it so they are like “Eh why bother” Though this is the only flagship one with a micro sd card slot

  • mike

    A revolution is beginning… No more butt rape, pick up a nexus and find the best plan that works for you…

  • Is this Bb10?

    Nexus 4 LTE for the win

    • Johnny The Cage

      Bb10 for the LOSE

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I like how n4 is brought up on all topics. so since its so great, Imma go buy it ri- oh wait I can’t cuz LG is garbage and can’t keep up. If Google didn’t asking LG to make this phone, they’d be out on the street by now.

  • WPGuy

    Only SD expandable memory is the only feature this has over the other premium WP8 handsets. Still no software incentive to get it though 🙁

  • Effff Robbers

    There was a time when you could upgrade your hardware after 2 years which is reasonable, now when you want to upgrade you have to wait the full 3 years even if your phone breaks, or you just want something new. Rogers doesn’t deserve our business and don’t care about us the customer.