Rogers opens up online reservations for the Samsung ATIV S


  • drizzo613

    In a perfect world, the SG3 would look like this phone and boot both WP8 AND Android Jellybean

    • WP74Life

      In a perfect world android wouldn’t be there, you silly

    • drizzo613

      lol @WP74Life, that was clever. However you seem to be living in the past. it’s time to upgrade

  • General Gustov

    $600 bucks !!! wow , to much :((( NEXUS 4 is looking better and better all the time

  • Sedor

    Nexus 4 is really the best way to go right now. It’s half the price, and it’s unlocked, so you’re not tied down into a slave contract with the Big3.

    The only thing that worries me is the battery life, which has been reported as being below average. For heavy users this will be a no-no.

    Aside from that, Nexus 4 is a great phone all around, and well worth the $300 or $350 that you will be paying for it. Additionally, it will be supported for years to come, so you will always be up to date.

    Time to show the Big3 that we are unwilling to be slaves anymore. Buy unlocked phones outright, and put power in YOUR hands, not in Big3’s.

    Also, if you live in a Wind coverage area, you owe it to yourself to save even more money by ditching the Big3.

    The times are changing. And with Google Voice looking at entering Canada, Big3 will find thmselves in a worst position they’ve been in in over 20 years! They CAN NOT complete. They have been babied since their inception. They are fat and lazy, and will suffer greately, once competition becomes even more prevalent.

    We live in the exciting times! 🙂

    • Keith

      Except that you’re forgetting it runs Anroid. That is quite the deal breaker for many.

    • Sinn

      For a minority, you mean, since Android is a dominant platform on the world-wide market. For me, a deal-breaker would be iOS, because I have a fully-functioning brain, enjoy openness, do not support greed, am unaffected by over-marketing, and enjoy technology which is current, and not a generation or two behind by the time it comes out.

      I also like money, and spending them wisely.

      But to each his own…

  • Reginald

    The Lumia 920 was in pretty high demand early on. Most stores seemed to only have pre-orders.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!

  • Surveillance

    Excellent comment, Sedor! The problem though right now (at least with Bell) is you only get a 10% discount on your plan if you’re not using a subsidized phone. So a $70 plan saves you $84 a year ×3 years is $252. So you’re still better off subsidizing UNLESS the masses join in. Which they won’t because nobody under the age of 30 can justify $650 for a phone

    • Sedor

      We are talking $300 phones now, not $600. Hopefully, depending on Nexus 4’s success, the prices will begin to become more realistic, thus making outright phone purchase less of a pain.

      Secondly, why even go with Bell, when there is Virgin? Why even go with Telus, when there is Koodo? Why even go with Rogers, when there is Fido? They all run on their parents’ networks anyway, so you know that you will be getting the coverage, plus you will be paying less for better plans. The main thing stopping people from going to, say, Koodo, was poor phone selection. With Nexus 4 (and many phones to hopefully follow), this becomes irrelevant! LTE has also been reaching the sub-brands, so that’s becoming an non-issue as well.

      Finally, not being tied down to any particular company allows for maximum mobility. Fido signal isn’t doing it for you at your new office location? Fine, try Koodo instead. You get the idea.

      Have an ownership of your phone, and the rest becomes trivial.

  • Rich

    When it comes to WP8 it’s best to stick with Nokia, or wait for Microsoft’s eventual Surface phone.

    Android — Samsung or Nexus devices

    iOS — Apple :P.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Nice, now i don’t have to line up!! (pure sarcasm – i would never buy a winblows phone)

  • SpeakingTruth

    This has expandable memory WITH WP8, the only phone that does besides the Lumia 820. It’s gorgeous and $600 isn’t bad.

    • ile2010

      Yes, this is the ONLY WP8 device with a card slot except the Lumia 820. Or the Lumia 822. Or the Lumia 810. Or the 8S.

  • Reno911

    I like how Sedor’s posts are getting thumbed down by the cartel representatives. Truth is hard to accept. If you’ve thumbed him/her down, please give a good reason for doing so. I am listening.

    As for me, I fully agree, and it is a good sign that more and more Candians are beggining to “see the light”, so to speak. If you don’t vote with your wallet, how are you expecting anything to change?

    But then again who knows, maybe Rogers’ $95/month so-called “unlimited” plan is exactly what you would consider fair, balanced, and competitive…

    • General Gustov

      I agree totally with sedor , you be in charge of your money not them and the NEXUS 4 allows you to do this 🙂

  • trueteller

    Just saying no to foreign owned carriers…not just blowing in the WIND 🙁

    • Otto

      Oh, so you want the local companies to continue ripping you off? I see. They don’t care about you, yet you are here to defend them. I like Canadian companies as well… if they offer fair prices and exceptional value. Robelus does not. Have you seen their latest plans? They offer LESS than before, yet they ask you to pay MORE. How does this make any sence??

      So you telling me you wouldn’t want Verizon or Orange (just to name a couple), to enter Canada, and actually offer fair prices for excellent bundles?

      Your patriotism, in this case, is severely misplaced, my friend. Robelus only operates in Canada because they will be eaten alive outside of our country. They don’t know what it means to compete. They are safe and protected here, and that’s why some peoples’ bills are in the hundreds. Let just ONE miltinational to enter the country without jumping through endless hoops, like Wind did, and watch Rebelus fall to its knees in as little as one month…

  • Kevin

    Seeing as you need to pay shipping for the Nexus4, it should be appropriately labeled at $315 and $365. Small difference sure, but still necessary to make the distinction.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Nexus 4 is a good option if you don’t need LTE. I didn’t thumbs down it, as it is a great value.

    Talking about the Lumia 920, AT&T and Amazon is selling the device for $450.00 including a free $100 charging pad in all 5 colours. Rogers is selling the same device in Black only for $549 without the charging pad. It’s a better deal to buy the 920 in the USA unlocked for $450.00.

  • Al

    $40+tax to put your name on a list?


    • Dukey

      It’s a deposit, and fully refundable in any case. The system is primitive and show very little info other than your number in the line, but it sure beats calling Rogers stores…

  • Joeb

    OK Rogers, now, what about colorful Lumia 920?

    I think someone in there didn’t get the message that hundreds of consumers told you.

  • BigBear

    I know its not the most popular windows 8 device. But the extra storage and the size are what I am looking forward to. I am a big guy, with big hands, and my wife has the gsIII and I love the size of her phone. Hopefully Bell can get their stuff together enough to have this phone out before the end of the month. It’s time to move on from my blackberry, and I don’t have the patience nor the interest anymore in bb10.