Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx is also available to Solo Mobile customers


  • Funny

    That’s funny. Haven’t most people moved on by now?

    • koodo

      Koodo has this phone for $200, but why buy this when you can buy the Koodo Galaxy S2x on prepaid for $250!!
      Jelly Bean and Dual Cell phone.

      With the Telus’s Samsung “Discover”; This phone should be $150; at $200 is simply too expensive, the problem is that is an “X” phone and a variation of the Galaxy Ace Duo, so the support will be limited.

      -I pass.

  • Terry

    April fool?

  • mike

    If I saw a BNIB galaxy ace iix on the side of the road, I still wouldn’t stop to pick it up…

  • Dave

    For God sakes a nexus 4 is only 50 dollars more… why are they peddling this garbage…

  • Joe cool

    They’re Bell, what else is there to say.

  • 2c

    true example of blind leading and following the blind.

    where is the competition? down in the toilet?

    only wind and mobilicity are focused on competition and all others and their side kicks are just flirting with each other.

    welcome to canada perfect country for wireless oligopoly and dumb consumer’s some of who will sign up for this deal.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    these people comparing the price of the n4 with everything… You do know that Google is taking a hit for these phones… after the r&d and base costs, Google is probably losing money or at best breaking even. so please stop comparing a heavily on subsidised phone to everything else.

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Ha ha0haa 🙂

  • gurchet

    wow very funny

  • kimmy

    they want $79.95 on a 3 year contract

  • Cliff

    I went to future shop yesterday and got the Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx, and payed nothing on a Koodo $38.00 month to month plan and I also received a $100.00 in store credit. I am happy with this deal 😉

  • anzil