MTS launches the Sony Xperia T


  • Is this Bb10?

    But you can get a Nexus 4 LTE for $309! This phone can’t compete.

    • Morty Fan

      1. No, you can’t get a Nexus 4, they’re sold out 🙂
      2. MTS HSPA+ is GSM based, it is not CDMA.

    • ICS

      I stopped reading when I read Ice Cream Sandwich.
      $560?? LOL!

      I bet The N4 and BB10 will be available before they release their updates.

    • EvanK

      @Morty Fan

      You can use an LTE enabled N4 on MTS just fine, both HSPA+ and LTE. It uses the same AWS 1700/2100 MHz band as Robelus, and they tower share with Rogers for HSPA+, both of which are GSM.

  • bd

    Maybe the Nexus 4 isn’t for everyone, maybe they want an extra slot for SD cards or how about MTS is CDMA, not GSM…

    • EvanK

      MTS has been using the GSM standard for almost 2 years now, and LTE is no exception. They’ve been phasing out their aging CDMA network for a while now, and only sell basic feature phones with it. All modern devices and smartphones use their GSM HSPA+/LTE network.

  • Mr T

    I’m typing this on the Rogers SXT. Most underrated phone of the year. Love it.

  • Osama

    Ya I am enjoying my ROgers SXT as well, despite the weak battery, washed out display and poor sound volume… lol, still better than most of the other phones!

  • Osama

    I dont want to make the phone seem weak, it actually has an amazing camera (for a phone)! The load time is super fast, the LED flash is pretty decent too!