Samsung ATIV S coming to Rogers, TELUS, Bell & SaskTel in November


  • lukeiphone

    I would ditch my iPhone 5 for this!

  • Sean

    Well at least Telus gets one high end WP8 device. This is also the only high end one with a micro SD card which is another great point

  • Hugues

    OK so without switching or purchasing an unlocked phone, at least now I have one option for a high end Windows Phone. Might stick with my surround a little longer, see if the 920 Rogers exclusivity deal is limited… because I personally think the ATIV is pretty plain.

  • Kevin

    For the life of me I cannot grasp the fact that some executive making millions of dollars a year gave the go ahead to the name ‘Ativ’. Using it across their entire Windows line, and it is totally meaningless. Not that it likely affects anyone’s decision to buy, just a very stupid name.

    • Slappy

      It’s Vita, backwords. Latin you know. 🙂

      It’s still a stupid name for a phone.

    • Darth Paton

      Lol they should have just called it vita, at least that’s a little bit better!

    • Jack

      Knowing a little something I am sure the execs at Sammy would rather not be sued by Sony for copying the PS Vita so they probably changed it when the device launched earlier this year. Plus Ativ looks pretty sweet no matter what they call it 🙂

  • converse

    Nokia needs to learn something from Samsung. No exclusivity means, more market share. And Samsung is an excellent example of that.
    I am one of the many pissed at Nokia for signing exclusivity with Robbers, of all.

    Ativ is a good phone, no doubt, but I will not deny, I am a Nokia fan.

    • phreezerburn

      Samsung has record sales and market growth vastly exceeding Apple this quarter with bigger and better things on the horizon. Yeah, Nokia needs to learn that exclusivity only works within a walled garden.

  • Zorbsie

    With the pro tablet going for $1150, would that be a good indication for pricing on the surface pro? Seems like this is the first time I’ve seen pricing on a windows 8 pro tablet. Interesting, I guess the issue is you can get a really nice ultrabook for that amount. decisions, decisions.

  • holler back girl

    aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd nobody cares….

    • William

      Wrong! 1 person was waiting for this announcement. This guy!

    • John Marshall

      Well you seem like “nobody”, so you’re probably right.


    I will definatly be looking at this phone when it comes to Telus

  • Jon

    I wonder if the Ativ Smart PC Pro on Rogers will be unlocked so I can use it on Telus?

  • a relatively happy guy

    Better than nothing. I have a sweet contract with Telus and don’t imagine Rogers would match it but was getting worried that Telus might not pick up a WP8 at all, or just pick up an HTC with limited ram.
    I can probably live without the Nokia 920’s super camera, but I really wanted Nokia Drive and their other exclusive apps. Free offline maps of the world is a big bonus if you travel. In the end, jumping ship or buying an unlocked Nokia 920 outright will make that a very expensive phone.

    • Francis Thibault

      I am pretty sure Nokia Maps and Drive will power all WP8 Phones

    • a relatively happy guy

      Not sure whether Nokia Drive will be powering all WP8 phones or whether Nokia will be allowing all OEM users to purchase it separately. Can’t imagine that Samsung or HTC would market a phone with a “Nokia” labelled app on it. Haven’t seen any sign of it in any of the hands on videos for ATIV and HTC models, and I’ve been searching. Hopefully, we find out Monday.

    • phreezerburn

      A big +1 for Nokia Drive. I embarrassed my wife’s 4s with a Lumia 800 getting about Regina’s industrial and City Lens in the parking lot of a mall you’ve never been to is uber handy for which door to park near. Nokia knows maps.

  • Ron Mexico

    “While neither pricing nor specific availability was given, Samsung says that the phone will be coming to Canada some time in November.”

    OEM’s needs to take a page from Apple when it comes to releasing products.

    1. Pricing
    2. Firm Release Date

    Otherwise keep the phone to your self, don’t how a product and say “sometime we will release this” #WEAKSAUCE

  • Ron Mexico

    ^yourself and show not how

    MobileSyrup needs an edit feature

  • EvanK

    Looks nice, if it comes with AWS support (or I could import a T-Mo version from the States), this would be an awesome device for use in the new entrants.

  • Dalex

    Echoing some sentiments above, I don’t see Nokia’s gameplan working here or in the US. Samsung gets its. Yes the ATIV might be plain (it’s not, its a greatly built device which combines aluminum and polycarbonate with a decent display, removable battery and SD card slots), but it’s going to sell a heck of a lot more because its available on many carriers. People won’t switch to Rogers for a Nokia device. They might have switched to Rogers/Fido for an Iphone in 2008, but Nokia in 2012/13 doesn’t have nearly the same pull.

    • John Marshall

      Rogers only has the Nokia phones for about a month. After that, the other carriers will be chomping at the bit for it, especially leading up to Christmas.

    • phreezerburn

      This in spades. Rogers is a huge “no-go” for those outside of Metro Toronto and not looking for an iPhone 5.

  • Mike

    No Videotron?
    Frenchies will be maaaad!

    • Slappy

      Not being a Bell customer makes you happy enough, you won’t care what phones Videotron has.

  • TK

    this is my next phone!! thats it!!! …………or maybe nokia..

  • drone

    All the Windows phones are the same lol with just a few minor differences.

    That’s why I have an Android instead of an iPhone; at least my phone has some originality and looks different from competitive Android models (that’s both software and hardware). WP8 follows the iPhone way with just “better” hardware. Software is still sh*t same.

    • CB

      Yeah, and they’ve all ruined stock Android. Custom apps are great (which WP allows OEMs to make), but skins and other crap ruin the operating system usually.

  • mrdeeds72

    Could this be goodbye, Nokia, hello, Samsung?

  • Mad Man

    I really want the Nokia 920 but the fact that this phone has a microsd slot.. but everything else about the nokia sounds good to me.

  • John

    When is Fido going to get something thats not iOS with LTE? I have the Gnex but want something new… Come on FIDO!

  • John Marshall

    Well at least Telus is getting a Windows Phone of SOME kind. I hope they announce the Lumia 820 sooner than later, but I wouldn’t mind having this phone one bit.

    Well… besides its lack of Nokia apps, but I can probably download those from the Marketplace.

    • phreezerburn

      Samsung will have something of their own on this phone for certain.

  • ToxicTaZ

    I said this from the start the ATIV S will be the GS3 on the WP8 platform 🙂 Good for Samsung!!

    Now we know the ATIV S is on LTE I could say well done Sammy 🙂

    WP8 will do very good this time around….but can they go from 3% to 30% market share over the next 3 years with WP8?

  • Nathan Ottenson

    Sasktel is finally getting a decent windows phone?!? Looks like I won’t have to buy my next phone outright out of contract like I thought I would

  • Marc Roussel