RIM-owned QNX wins best Car Tech Award at CES 2012


  • Tom Gray

    That’s really cool!

    Someone needs to get that guy a cleaning cloth for his screen though ^_~ hehe

    • QWERTY

      -Needs a QWERTY keyboard!
      -You need to change the spark plugs to check your email!

  • Dave

    At least this shows that RIM does has some fight in them. Glad to hear they’ve won an award and that (hopefully) more will follow later in the year.

  • northy

    great to see,,,, i believe rim learned alot of lessons over the last 18 months,,, and I think this canadian company will come out fighting,,,

  • keiYUI

    Good job RIM! Get yourself back in the game!

  • Apple4Life

    Good job RIM! You just dug your own grave!

    • tee

      lol what a silly comment

  • Paynus Uranus

    Now is a good time to buy rim stock, while it’s low.

  • Apple4Life

    I hope when the playbook crashes you can still drive the car.