BlueStacks App Player bringing over 400,000 Android apps to Windows 8


  • Michael

    This is what RIMM was supposed to do! Nice will now look seriously at a windows phone!

    • idonkey

      That’s Rim future plans, in … 5 years.

  • Tharan

    Android is more and more becoming THE platform to develop for

  • Dave

    Congratulations, Microsoft! Windows has become OS/2.

    “BlueStacks makes creating mobile apps for the Windows 8 platform unnecessary.” Think about that a little.

  • blackprince

    Yay 400,000+ apps that don’t have that Metro feel and ultimately uninteresting ports. Dev’s better not underestimate the power of Metro and how important it is to incorporate as much metro as possible into their apps and applications.

  • Keith

    Google will let anything on Android but I wonder how this load of Android mostly crap will get along with Windows 8 security.

  • idonkey

    Windows 8 + Android apps = the END of idonkeys