Hands on with Lenovo’s Intel-powered Android phone and tablet


  • Danny

    It would be interesting to see the phone come stateside and to Canada. The design is totally out of a Batman film…well the back anyways…? agree?

  • radapple

    @Danny Agreed. Looks like it came out of a dark knight film.

  • jcrew1047

    That is a sweet looking phone.

  • Clint

    Wow. Microsoft should be talking to them for interface design. At least it LOOKS appealing, unlike the absolutely 1988 4 Color DOS design Microsoft currently uses for their phones in their so called Tiles….vomit….

  • Apple4Life

    The bottom grills… is it a speaker grill or for ventilation?

  • Danll

    This is just a Reference Design. The actual production units will be different.

  • Qadan

    Sounds like you shuold be paid up though and be all covered for the season.Disclaimer: You’ll need to check with Real for the final say. I can’t comment on their billing system.