Lumia 710 will be the first Nokia Windows Phone in Canada


  • Alex Perrier

    Yay, another phone that T-Mobile USA will sell! That means that AWS carriers up here will probably have it, too! Finally, a WINDows phone for WIND Mobile! 😀

    Too bad they didn’t publish the outright price yet. :S

  • Dyck Pound

    WP just isn’t getting market share. They’ll be gone in a year. It’s all about apple, google, and rim now. Laptops will be replaced by tablets with keyboards running ios, Android, or bb10. No need for windows os anymore.

    • kenypowa

      Sorry @Dyck, RIM will not outlast WP. MS has other cash cows, namely Windows, Office and XBOX, and RIM only has the flailing mobile lifeline. MS can afford to throw money in the water for years, but RIM can’t.

  • Kenny

    HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S… where are you?

  • richard

    WP7 is a great platform and Nokia has great hardware, I’m psyched to see these phones make it to Canada. I really hope wind/mobilicity pick some up.

    • bob

      Great hardware seriously? This would have been OK hardware if released in 2010. But in 2012 I don’t see any appeal.

    • TheCyberKnight

      I think you don’t understand that, contrary to another popular OS, WP7 operates very smoothly with a single core 1GHz CPU.

  • Bob

    I suppose this is good news but I’d rather have news of one that I will actually be getting. It’s a start though

  • Sean

    My money is on Telus they have a history of gettting phones thatt t-Mobile has

  • Entegy

    Bell/Virgin seem to have dropped support for WP7, but you can still find HD7s at their kiosks (least I see em in Montreal). Rogers and Telus still have Windows Phones on display, so these devices will probably go there first.

  • anonmanom

    Hope this comes to telus because my mom needs a new phone and ios is crap, bberry is alright and android is a unstable mess. been running a lg quantum for 6 months now and have yet to reset the phone

  • Me Ted

    Wow. It looks like plain white rice: f*****g bland.

    • Colin

      It’s a phone, nothing to worry about, it’s in your pocket most of the day. At least it’s not a black slab that everyone has.

      And just to make sure you know, no matter has snazzy your phone looks, it’s never going to get you laid. 😛

  • Sub-Joker

    I tried windows phone and I think it’s an excellent OS. A bit too limited, but extremely simple to use and has a clean interface. I was hoping to get something like what is sold in the states (like the new focus S with that beautiful 4.3 screen, or the HTC Titan). But so far not a single Canadian carrier announced such devices.

  • Some Guy

    Do you think there is any chance of the Lumia 710 coming to Fido?

  • MDRam

    Bring on the Nokia 900!

  • montrealer

    F**k Lumia 710, we want the 800 and the 900

  • astudent

    Well that is good but I don’t think I will be giving up my Optimus 7 anytime soon. Looks great, works well, GREAT build quality (dropped it multiple times) and I never had a problem (software or hardware) yet so I can’t complain.

  • skinnypig

    Well it’s about time we got some 2nd gen Windows Phones up here! I was beginning to think that Microsoft has given up or forgotten about Canada.

  • Keith

    C’mon Bell get the Nokia Ace.

  • Dillion

    Been waiting for some of these Mango devices to make it here to Canada.

    Having grown frustrated with a buggy experience on my BB 9810, it is time to move in. The functionality of WP looks great, and Android strikes me as overwhelming. Too bad BB10 has been delayed, honestly RIM needs previously loyal customers like I once was. Posted from my spell-checkless PlayBook.

  • Francis Thibault

    Bell-Virgin got some exclusive recently (Nexus One and Galaxy SII) maybe they will get the 900 as well 🙂

  • Puleen Patel

    The Lumia 800 is a far superior device. I absolutely love it. There are some nuances with Windows Phone 7 which I don’t like but the Lumia 800 is to WP7 what Galaxy Nexus is to ICS. IMO

  • Brandon

    i really need to see the nokia 900 at bell, seriously getting tired of no WP options in canada

  • Steve

    Give me the Nokia 900 (Ace) on Rogers!!!

  • sam

    i would love to have the lumia 900 or the htc titan even if i have to buy one out right and unlock it.

  • Brent

    i own both optmuis black and optmuis 3Das compared to galaxy s and s2 and others(my cousins have)there’s not much of a difference in day to day performance, they are great phonesthe downside though is that lg is late in software updates and support but still lg is providing ICS for both(shouldn’t provide more than one update but still lg is doing it!)