Microsoft says more Windows Phone 7 devices with hardware keyboards coming to Canada


  • Khristopher

    I would really like to see WIND get one. I would probably ditch my Blackberry Bold 9700 for one.

  • JAWG

    Although I only know a few that have a Windows phone,all the ones I do know that do have it are happy and say it makes life a lot easier…I used one briefly and it seems great and it’s not what you expect.As more phones come out equipped with Windows I imagine a lot of faithful MS users will use it and will become more popular.I’m not big on BB’s and love Android instead of Apple…however I may make the change to Windows eventually.

  • Martin

    I was going to pull the trigger on a Windows Phone but the lack of hardware encryption is making me rethink this decision.

  • Dan

    Mobilicity and Wind need to get one!

  • skinnypig

    Momentum and excitement in Canada? That’s kind of hard to believe given the shortage of devices and lackluster launch so far (esp Rogers). My local FS still doesn’t have a Focus dummy unit on display, and their one working Surround is tucked away in the corner away where it is easily missed.

    • Garnet Ulrich

      It may just be that people are tired of MS me-too products, blue screens etc.. Burned 150 times, twice shy.

  • Mark L


    Maybe try going to some others stores? And if you want a lack of device support, stick with Rogers.

  • CovKid66

    Quote “They are all touchscreen devices except for the Optimus Quantum by LG.” ???

    They are ALL touchscreen devices. I can attest to the LG Optimus Quantum because I’m just about to return one to Bell 🙂

  • Nado

    This PR video provides absolutely no insight into the phone and since when did rolling up the sleeves on a jacket become cool?

    • Nick

      Lol worst haircut ever too… I can just imagine a bunch of old geezers trying to find a guy who the kids would think looks cool.

  • gavins

    Samsung FOCUS is the best of a bad lot. Me2 devices, nothing compelling not already widely available. perhaps if you live and die by your x-box maybe.