Galaxy Nexus available at TELUS January 13th


  • Alex Perrier

    Come on Koodo, get this! Time to tell Syrup about the “Profit from your friends” Koodo contest.

    • Alex Perrier

      It’s called “Friends with benefits” in English. The “Profit from your friends” is what the French name means. Weird…

    • ToniCipriani

      Yes… then slap on a free gift card too… I’ll buy one.

    • Viceman

      I bet Koodo will have it soon too but since Koodo is a Telus front, they will probably be the same price.
      i am quite keen to get mine,
      the next version may have a removable memory too though
      hey Iphone uses.. getting scared??? Long live android OS!!!

    • rimlicense

      Hopefully this wont be the Galaxy Nexus “X” or Telus branded that can’t be modded. That would kill the deal.

  • Sean

    Hmmm i was hoping the various oiff contract prices would varry between them like the Nexus S

  • Kenny

    Y’see? That didn’t take long since Bell released it.

    But I can understand the impatience of early adopters.

  • SAM

    I AM WAITING FOR THE GALAXY NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jem

    Cannot bloody wait!! Getting this at lunch on the 13th! <3

    • Mike E

      I guess I’ll have it before you, because I’m getting it at breakfast.

  • SJG

    I’ve had this phone for a couple of weeks now (Bell), and I honestly would not recommend this phone…at least not yet. There seem to be signal problems (both 3G and Wifi) even with the GSM variant (I know the Verizon version is getting all the attention). Hopefully these can/will be addressed by a software fix.

    • cybik

      I had no issues with 3G or WiFi whatsoever. Then again, my WiFi’s are pretty powerful (home and work) and I force my device into WCDMA-only mode to be sure it doesn’t scan for 2G.

    • Abe

      I have not had any signal probably just have a ‘broken’ phone and i would get a replacement. I do highly recommend this phone.

  • Mark

    I wonder if we’ll see it show up on telus teamwebstore site like all their phones do. Should be interesting for a no-contract price.

  • Louis

    FINALLY. We have reached climax

  • Louis

    hmmmm taken from their website
    “The Hottest Smartphones Starting at 50% off. Hurry, offer ends January 12.”

    i see what they did there lol

  • Phil

    What a great way to start the day! One week (+1 day) to go!

  • monsterduc1000

    Now how about some ICS for the Nexus S!!! I see the plan now. There is no reason to release ICS for the Nexus S before the release of the Galaxy Nexus…there is no profit in that! It could hinder sales of the GN. It would only make a lot of customers happy…

    • JJ

      Google controls the release of the software for the Nexus devices. When it is ready it will be pushed over the air by Google. Carriers have no say.

  • 69iner

    damn now where 1 month away from CES and possible regrets!

  • Mike E

    Finally, what’s the fastest way to get this, go to Telus store? And pay the stupid $25 “we’ll turn it on for you fee”

    • West Coast

      Mike is a fee for service .. Call your plumber to do some work/fix something see if he charges you for his time…

    • Mike E

      I’m not calling a plumber, I’m buying a phone I can turn on all by myself.

  • Michael

    Wow, they would announce the date the day after I pick up an Amaze… I thought about waiting for a Note, but in the end I think it would have been to big. Even the Amaze seems pretty big to me.

    • Michael Del Zotto’s Christmas sweater

      Michael, I’m also debating between these phones – other than software and screen the Amaze has the GN beat spec-wise. How do you like it?

  • CR

    Why would you release a new phone on Friday the 13th?

  • SlimJim

    There are 3g & wifi issues with this phone. I bought it from Bell and put it on the Koodo network. I wouldn’t pick it up until they reveal if its a software bug that can be fixed.

  • jake

    Finally, now ive gotta sell my N1, any takers?

    • monsterduc1000

      If you mod it with a bug free version of ICS, I’ll take it! 🙂

  • Mystic09

    I hope telus gets the Samsung galaxy note… I need a new phone yesterday <_<
    I may settle for this.

    • monsterduc1000

      Don’t settle. This phone is nice, but other than a relatively buggy version of ICS at the moment (they are already at 4.0.3 after a month and it still isn’t working properly, especially for the nexus s for which they pulled the update…), an hd samoled screen, it is actually behind, hardware wise, many of the dual core phones that are out today. It has a lesser camera than almost any, an average 1.2 ghz dual core processor (NOT EVEN EXYNOS!!!), an older graphics chip, no lte or telus dual band hspa support, no sd card support and no mass usb support. Don’t believe the hype. This phone is behind the curve almost everywhere except the screen and the os.

  • jt7

    Was thinking about using a GN as a paygo (prepaid) phone for a while as I got a pile of credits for xmas (for my existing paygo phone). Are there any restrictions on phone model numbers (specifically on Rogers, but also in general) as I’ve heard in the US that most carriers limit access to only the cheapest/specific models#’s?

  • M

    Confirmed that it will be $159.99 on a 3-yr and $649.99 outright on TELUS.

  • R

    Someone above mentioned SD card support in a future version. Is there a rumour of future Nexus devices supporting removable SD cards? I really like this feature.

  • JanuarysVeryOwn

    Will be the same Gnex everyone is getting. 16gb hspa+ non expandable memory, no variants.

  • astudent

    mmmm I can see my dad using this phone, he likes big screens as he finds them easier to use

  • Graham

    Would one be able to pick one up before the 13th? Assuming some stores already have them in stock?

  • 4wallz

    Twitter: Samsung Mobile CAN @SamsungMobileCA 6h ago

    Rogers and Telus will begin carrying the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung starting January 13th!

  • Mike

    Awesome… been wanting a subsidized Nexus, but didn’t want to stray from Rogers (I have a deal)

  • Mad B

    Not being able to insert a micro sd card is lame..