Rumour: Google branded tablet to have a 7-inch display, run OS 4.0, and sell below $199


  • DrCarmody

    Could we agree, as a people, to cut the semantics and just call things ‘$200′ or $1500’ and cut the 999.99 crap?

    • RIM

      What about the playbook?

    • Terry

      It’s a psychological/marketing thing to be 199.99 or 199.67. It looks cheaper to people.

      I too wish sellers would just round it to the nearest dollar, and wish, like the UK, that tax was included in the sticker price, not added after.

      Example, if this tablet came out at $200, it’s sticker price would be $226 tax included.
      SO much more convenient to show the tax without figuring it out in your head or on a phone.

      On a side note, if this tablet could run Netflix, Flash and Onlive, I would totally buy it for $226!

  • Celestial

    :O 🙂

  • ruddias

    I really don’t see this happening…

  • Pacoup

    Well, I’m pretty sure tech from the days of the iPad 1 is cheap to make now. It wouldn’t be the most powerful thing ever, but the iPad 1 proved to be useful enough.

    So at a super low price point (150?), it could sell well.

    I’d call it the Nintendo strategy.

  • Mattprime86

    Who makes up these “rumours”?!

  • Sub-Joker

    I’m more intersted in 7 inch tablets than those 10.1″ tabs that are 3 inches smaller than my laptop. at least I can put them in my jacket pocket or suit pockets without a problem (like the acer iconia A100 which I currently own). I really hope they work a solid product that has good screen, fast processor and good battery. if price is below 300 I’m so down to buy one.

  • andrew

    I’m calling it right now, that wont happen. That will under mine Googles partners if Google were to release a 200 dollar tablet well their partners are selling them for 500 bucks (except for amazon). Besides when Google releases a Nexus device it usually has top of the like hardware.

    • Gershon Schwartz

      Since when did Google care what its partners said or do? Google is the trendsetter and other follow, I bet you that if that had a pre-order list that probably ten million people would sign up . A google tablet with android 4 for under 200$ ? I would definitely sign up! Willing to bet ya that it will have a Tegra 3 processor. This thing only has to sell advertisements to make money , they can loose on the tablet and make it up on the ads , easily. Although there is one reason that I doubt the rumor , Google’s management is screws up. They make all the wrong decisions and are very poorly times as was the case with the spectrum auction in the states as was the case with the chrome operating system and notebooks, too little too late. So although a Google tablet right now would be a fantastic idea I bet ya that Google won’t do it as they are experts at doing the wrong thing!

  • Broski

    March/April isn’t even 6 months from the said date! And I was really hoping for a good tablet with android 4.1 that cost from 399 to 599 CAD. Though I still have some hope left of a TRUE competitor to the iPad appearing this year or I will be forced to go to an iPad myself.

    • Zomby

      Why not getting a Transformer or Transformer Prime? Already better than the iPad and will be on ICS before anyone else as ASUS has been lightning fast with updates.

  • Blah blah blah

    Suddenly, Apple sues.

  • Mathieu

    I would be surprised if Google don’ t release a 499$ 10″ tablet because 7″ is too close to the 4.65″ of the Galaxy Nexus to be appealing to GN users.

    • Mark

      Completely agree with this. I have the Galaxy Nexus, and it has already caused me to push back the purchase of a tablet. I was going to get the new Transformer, but my phone display is big and beautiful enough that I see need right now. And I think I’m now forever out of the 7″ tablet market.

      However, although I think this rumour unlikely, I still think it would be a hit with consumers. Amazon has read the market right. People just don’t want +$600 tablets. It is too much for technology that could be obsolete in 18 months.

    • Ivan

      It’s even worse for me, I’m using a 5.3 inch Galaxy Note at the moment, so when I see 7 inch tablets like the Playbook, I really don’t see a big difference. It’s all based on preference though, my ideal tablet is an 8.9 inch. But if priced at $200, I would still have a huge urge to buy this Google one.

    • chris

      i dont see how you can compare 4.65 and 7″. the difference is ridiculous.

  • Mark

    This would be a very smart move on Google’s end if this rumor is true. They’re having a hard time competing with the iPad directly in the high end range and the Kindle Fire is stealing their thunder in the low end. They need take back the low end from the fire and then use that user base to fight their war of attrition with Apple.

  • IAmMe2

    I think pretty much any Nexus tablet would do quite well regardless of price. I’d say $200 might be a bit low for a google product though, I’d be more inclined to buy something in the $300-500 range for a tablet (and the quality improvements that go with it.)

  • Varroa

    I spent only $200 on the PB so this better be equivalent in specs for me to be interested (1Ghz dual core, 1 GB ram, etc). The $200 price point really is a great area, I have the Kobo vox and the PB and I really wish there was a $200 7 inch tablet with the PB hardware and Android OS. I also own the Galaxy Nexus and love that phone so this would be a natural progression.

  • Dan

    Google in not a hardware company,so making or loosing money on a tablet is not their main concern, they just want as many android devices out there. With that more ads can be pushed to the public and visibility for other products can be made. Like the Nexus one, they haven’t made any money with it, but they did set a standard of quality and showed how powerful their os can be. Others followed after and excellent handsets were made. I bougth a playbook because of the size and quality and robust OS. I haven’t found this in android yet… but now, probably…

  • steve

    for 200, maybe my first tablet yet. still rocking an N1. It will never die. How good is the ice cream?> CMOD7 ready yet or what?

  • Bill

    I have to laugh at the last sentence in this news posting. The only reason RIM’s playbook is selling for $199 is because no one is buying them! If it was well designed and high quality, it wouldn’t be selling at $199.

    • Mark

      Yes. But it turned out to be a hit at $199, didn’t it? You’ve just tripped over the biggest revelation in the tablet market of 2011: Tablet buyers don’t care about super high-end uber-powerful devices. They want a more reasonable price.

  • bk

    We’ve heard this rumor before with the nexus one, cheap and game changing. It was neither. An excellent step forward, but it wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t a game changer. This will be the same.

  • roman129

    The flagship tablet needs to have a bigger and higer res screen than their flagship phone (4.65″ 720p), and I don’t see how it can be done for under $200.

  • ks

    Sorry, did you just say that the Playbook is a well designed and high quality tablet?

    A line doesn’t get more Canadian that this does it?

    • jnrbshp

      physically it was well designed and did have an above average quality to it…

      dont confuse its exceptional hardware with its mediocre software

  • Willy

    Depends on the actual spec’s. But $200 is appealing.

  • MDRam

    So from the pic…it’s a google tablet running webOS? 😀

  • Mike

    Tablet competition is looking great for consumers now!

  • saffant

    7″ is a FAIL. But hey, you never know, people will buy anything…

  • andy

    I hope this happens. If google was able to produce a high quality ICS 7inch tablet for under 200$…. I think apple would really be in trouble.. Or at the very least finally bring down the over inflated price on the ipad and would also force the other tablet makers to rethink their pricing structures as well. Peoole who would have never considered purchasing a tablet would most likely do so. The kindle fire is a good example however it is not a real android tablet with its highly modified OS. I applaud google for attempt and hope it comes to fluition. I currently have the asus transformer with dock and galaxy tab 10.1 4g and love them both however they are somewhat to cumbersome is some cases and a ICS powered 7 inch tablet would be perfect for those instances.

  • Nishant Bhatt

    I doubt if this tablet will sell below $200 but I hope it does.

  • blahblahblah

    Well I certainly want to see that. Google has so much money and other resources. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled that off! <$200 tablet is great to beat the competition!

  • Andrew

    $200 with 3 year contract? I have my doubts that Google can make a profit selling a tablet for $200 without contract, if they try it will be low quality. Google can’t easily make it a loss leader like Amazon, because people can download from competitors’ app stores with Google.