Rogers Dell Venue Pro upcoming price plans


  • TheCyberKnight

    Too expensive for a 3 years contract.

  • Alexandre

    150$ for 8 GB ? No thanks !

  • Chris Marle

    God, 599$? That’s not really affordable, I would have hoped for less.

    • Ger

      That’s the whole idea…they want to make it out of reach for anyone who doesn’t want a 3 year contract! 🙁

  • Colin

    599 of crazy, 100 too much guys come on.

    • zorxd

      I would even say $150-200 too much, give that this is no better than a Desire or Nexus One released 6-12 months ago.

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    I don’t care I just want the Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Jonny

    It is a windows phone, forget it.

  • hinds

    For real way to expensive off and on contract! Plus its wp7 epic fail

  • bummy

    I think this device is pretty solid. 599 isn’t alot.

    150 with contract is a decent price for a top tier product.
    Just sucks its not the usual 18-24 month contract the rest of the world is enjoying.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Great deal! Sign me up for a 3-year contract!!! 😀

  • tye

    Well well well….. Rogers has finally decieded to joined the festivities! So now its a show down between the telus HTC desire HD, the Bell Motorola atrix,and the Dell pro.

  • Phil

    What’s with Bell charging $600 for the HD7 and now Rogers $600 for this, wayyyy to much money.

  • Firestorm

    What the hell? sells the 8gb version for $449.99 and 16gb version for $499.99 on T-Mobile. This is $150 more than the US AWS price -.- hope sells it cheaper or this is at least the 16gb model.

  • Bertom

    @tye, if its a competition between those three devices bell has to be the winner. Granted the atrix isn’t out yet but it seems like its in a whole different weight class. I really hope Telus has some thing else up their sleeve.

    • tye

      Yes i would agree. The desire hd is so December 2010, and the Dell is a great looking phone but i just doesnt cut it for 2011. The atrix has set the tone and changed the game for 2011.

  • jellmoo

    $150 and a 3 year contract for the 8GB model? No chance. I kind of thought they would be going with a $99 for the 8GB and $149 for the 16GB. That I would have thought about. I’m not the type to load my phone with stuff, but my iPhone 3G is 8GB, and it’s tight. This is a price point fail, through and through.

  • ray st german

    does anyone ever buy these phone most people buy i phones or blackberrys

    • Sub-Joker

      right, that’s why Android and Symbian lead the smartphone market population.
      iPhones are great devices. But blackberry’s, they had their time in 2007 and 2008, and then got stuck in 2008.
      I’m a Nexus One and a Galaxy S owner. I moved from a 3GS to the Nexus. I tried almost every smart phone out there and I ended up with Android. Just because at the moment they are more capable than any other OS. but I really hope other operating system produce competitive options. I am personally aiming to try windows phone 7 just coz it reminds me with the iOS before apple decide to clog it’s performance with multitasking (which they couldn’t even do properly), and their junk folder making options. in other words, WP7 reminds me of the 3GS which is a phone I enjoyed using.

  • Taylor Brown

    Here I see a solid Windows Phone 7, with a proper compact keyboard and virtually indestructible screen. Sucks that they don’t have the 16GB version yet, but from the way I see it, that’s the best phone on the market, and 50$ more than the rest is totally worth every cent.

  • Dan

    Solid phone, but I would wait for one of the next gen versions, dual core processors, 16 GB memory at least. I am really looking forward to a WP7 phone with nice specs and I will jump on it.

  • Anti-robellus

    I’m so sick of people bitching about everything when it comes to wireless. If you want it no contract buy it straight. And if you want 2 year contracts to be the normal, expect higher monthly bills. Either way everyone will still b***h.

  • Sub-Joker

    One serious question, why are Windows Phones 7, with an OS that is just just getting into the market, are having higher prices than let’s say android devices that has been in the market and been tested for a while now??

    the galaxy S is cheaper than the Samsung Focus.
    The Desire HD is cheaper than the HD7.

    That is one terrible marketing plan. how are you gonna push the OS if their prices are high in a very unreasonable way?? Android success is because every device (whether it’s a high end one or a low end one) can carry it. so you can get cheap androids that start at 200 or those high end ones that go to 550. GIVE me one Windows Phone 7 with a price less than 500. where are the mid and low end Windows phone 7 devices???

  • mike

    I just got the samsung focus the other day, and wow is it ever an awesome phone. Way better than Android I find. And 10 times better than an Iphone. I wasn’t sure bout getting a windows phone 7 at the beginning but after watching several you tube videos on it and reading and doing research bout this phone I was amazed. And I’m amazed how awesome the screen is on it, its very very clear. and the software is very easy to use and a lot quicker to get things done. Web browser is amazing and fast. I love the zune music player. this phone is very clear to talk on the phone. It takes very amazing quality pictures even in the dark with the flash, and video quality is awesome and amazing as well. Overall I’m 100% satisfied with this phone, they did an awesome job on this phone. I was an Iphone user before but I got bored with Iphone since its old technology nothing new about it. And androids are all the same but just normal updates. Windows phone is new and fresh which I enjoy this software.I will enjoy my samsung focus for a few years and when my contract is up for renewal I will be getting another windows phone no questions asked.

    • Sub-Joker

      That is a great speech Steve Balmer. But I gotta break it for you. The galaxy s uses the same 4.0 inch super amoled screen used on the galaxy s series. Putting that into consideration we get:
      Samsung focus: better camera since it has LED flash.
      Samsung galaxy s: multi-tasking, wifi hot spot and tethering ability, copy/paste, cheaper price, better browser.

      I honestly don’t expect everybody to go crazy over android. But don’t price windows mobile 7 phones with prices they don’t deserve. I think windows phones have great potential, but their time hasn’t come yet.

      Yes, no question asked.

    • Garyth Evans

      I gotta say, WM7 will have it’s day but right now Android and Apple rule the smartphone OS. I used the focus for a day, the battery had to be charged 3 times every day, It was a plastic feel to it being twice as expensive then proven apple and android os. no apps that are very useful yet, no cut and paste, no flash (yes my iphone runs flash) and memory is very poor and the os is still sluggish. Will i stay with iphone, not in the long run! I would like to go back to windows mobile but they need better specs, better battery, better pricing and get the bugs out of the os then I will buy but until then (probably 2 years or so)I will rely on the iphone which does everything android and wm7 do and more. My battery lasts an entire day (I use an avg of 7000 minutes a month for work but thats ok as I have unlimited talk, text, email and data for 104 bucks a month with rogers). You do make some good points but it’s just not there yet. iphone will lose and so will android if wm7 just fixes those small items.

  • Jesse

    Bah, the Venue Pro is $600 and has only 8GB of room, the HD7 is $600 and has a crappy screen, I think I might as well just get a AT&T Samsung Focus off of eBay for $400 and call it a day. SAMOLED, a good size screen and a MicroSD card slot, I think I’m sold.

  • Charles Goin

    Personally I own a DVP (Tmo USA).. best phone I have EVER HAD.. and it is NOTHING like any phone on the market. Tough, and the portrait keyboard is fresh and friendly.

  • tyrone

    I buy my phones outright cause I like the freedom of switch at anytime and I think 599 is to much.

  • Jeremy

    Will they offer the 16gb model too?

  • tblazers

    waiting ………

  • avinkool

    I anticipate this accessory is appealing solid. 599 isn’t alot.
    150 with arrangement is a appropriate amount for a top bank product.
    Just sucks its not the accepted 18-24 ages arrangement the blow of the apple is enjoying.