Google employees with Nexus S start receiving Ice Cream Sandwich update


  • MikeP

    I know it’s an older model, but is the nexus s still worth it to buy? I’m switching from blackberry and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a GS2 or Galaxy Nexus… Just wondering if I get the nexus, will it be able to handle routine phone, browsing, app usage without considerable lag?

    • daguy

      The Nexus S is still a great phone, but do yourself a favour and spend a little more on Galaxy Nexus if you can. You might save your self a little money buying the NS now, but you’ll have to upgrade much sooner. A year from now it will probably feel painfully slow. Spending less now means spending more later.

    • Darryl Livingstone

      THE Nexus S is still a great and functional smartphone. I was quite excited about the Galaxy Nexus until I red the hardware reviews.(The camera alone is reason enough to stay away) For sheer price point and potential, I don’t see one phone out there that can even touch the Nexus S

    • Tamrin

      If you are switching from Blackberry then Nexus S is leaps and bound ahead of it. You will really enjoy it. I switched from a Blackberry 8530 to a Nexus S and honestly it is an amazing phone. You can browse fast, rebooting doesn’t take ages, share on facebook and twitter easily and lastly the games are much nicer compared to BB. So what I would say is if you are buying the phone outright then get the Nexus S; it will still be amazing and still get ICS on it in the near future. However, if you are signing a contract then wait for the Galaxy Nexus.
      Personally, I would say wait for the Galaxy Nexus for one simple reason: it has all the bands in it so you can switch between all carriers if you like without buying a new phone for them.

      Hope that helps.

    • Ryan

      I would say it’s definitely worth it. It’s very inexpensive now and still packs more punch than most phones out there. With Android 4.0 it’s quite the phone. I’m running the CM9 alpha and it’s amazing. I can’t wait for the real deal, though.

      You can get a Nexus S for a good price from Koodo 😉

  • daguy

    I have been using the alpha version of CM9 on a Nexus S for a while now, and it really is great. I’m looking forward to the official version fixing some of the small issues the alpha has. The speed improvement over 2.3 will be awesome for everyone.

    That said, the entire time I’ve been using ICS on this phone, I’ve always felt like I’m not getting the FULL ICS experience. Having to long-press on the home button to get the new multitasking switcher just doesn’t feel satisfying, and in most cases it feels quicker to just go to the home screen and find the app icon there instead.

    From here on out, I won’t be considering any android phones that don’t have a dedicated multitasking button.

    • Poseidonb

      I’m curious to see if the update will remove function of the built in buttons and put it all on screen like the Galaxy Nexus. I would prefer that they just stop the physical buttons from functioning.

    • Ricky

      Android phones come out every month. Iphones about once a year. Android’s apps are not connistest on android phone, not all apps work on all phones. Iphone apps seem to be compatible with last 3 generation iphones.Android focuses on hardware. Iphone focuses on software. Iphone has better software using its hardware efficiently, resulting in a over all better experience.Most people would agree that iphones are easier to use. It just works.Love my 4s

  • Kida

    The Nexus S is a great phone, and well worth it if you can find it at a reasonable price. (That said, “reasonable price” varies. The Galaxy Nexus is looking to be $650 off-contract, where the Nexus S can be found for $350. For that price difference, go with the S. On-contract, difference is often less radical. (The “spending less now means spanding more later” argument doesn’t really apply if you’re not worried about having the newest tech, which it sounds to me that you’re not.))

  • Jonathan

    I’ve been on ICS on my Captivate for a while now and am really enjoying it. It’s brought my device, which I found a bit laggy on Rogers stock 2.3, to an entirely new level of usability. If ICS can do this for my Cappy, I can only wonder what it does for a Nexus S.

  • Anthony E.

    I’d go for the Nexus S. I bought one on Tuesday, and I absolutely LOVE it. The battery life on this thing is amazing, and it hasn’t struggled to do anything I’ve asked it to do thus far.

  • Tom

    Get the Galaxy Note, it kills the Nexus.

    • Tom

      To all the thumbs down people, here’s why: 5.3″ screen, SD card slot, stylus, and an 8MP camera. The Nexus is a good phone but it is missing those key features.

    • Angelica

      The design of the iPhone 4 and 4S is the best of any phone, why? baceuse it doesn’t just feel like cheap plastic the screen and back cover is made of a compound which is 40 times stronger than plastic which is mounted on an aluminum frame. Also, the battery of the iPhone 4S is damn good please refer me to a phone that has a better battery life? I use my iPhone 4 alot but i only charge it every 2-3 days, just what is that implying? Also, the iPhone 4 has the best display currently available for the past 15 months @ 960 x 640 resolution on a 3.5 inch display where the pixel per inch (PPI) is 326. please show me a phone thats available now with a better display? Let me save you some time searching there isn’t any! But i honestly think that if you’ve got an iPhone 4 already the 4S doesn’t do enough for the upgrade. However, if your an iPhone owner 3GS or previous generations of iPhone(s) then its definitely a worthy upgrade. Furthermore if you’ve got any other smart phones then once you switch to the iPhone 4S then i guarantee you that you’ll be looking forward to Apple devices baceuse they bring quality in all their products and the build quality of the 4/5th generation iPhone show be a good reference to that.

  • emixam

    I have a Nexus S as well, and I love it, I can’t wait for ICS to be on it. The battery life is even better when you install Juice Defender, it doubles. I got mine for 300$ off Kijiji brand new about 4 months ago.

  • dutchman13

    I have the Nexus S as well and its a great phone. Hopefully the ICS update makes it even better.

  • MikeP

    Sweet, thanks for all the advise guys. I think I’m going to go with the Nexus S on Koodo, they have it for $350 and you get a $50 visa gift card, so basically it’s only $300. Wish I could get the Galaxy Nexus, but can’t justify the extra $350 as a student…

  • trini

    Good choice if you can’t get the galaxy nexus and I’m going to put cm9 alpha ics on mine!!