Bell and Virgin officially launching Galaxy Nexus on December 8th


  • DrCarmody

    Wait, so they have the HSPA+ version right? And the Nexus’s are never locked, so that means I could, theoretically, pick one up off contract and use it on Telus early!

    • Ross

      And how do you plan on picking one up off-contract when Bell has kindly instructed retailers to not sell it unless the customer signs a contract or at least a month to month plan?

    • northy

      I went to future shop and they said i needed a plan and best buy says I dont lol….

      and we should all nail them for false advertising on “no contract” pricing

  • Nil

    $649 for a 16 GB version. No 32 GB version listed.

    Owch! I wish google would just go back to selling these things themselves, or through a partner (not a carrier)!! Especially with the pentaband chips, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to buy a phone anymore.

    Any speculation on bloatware? I have hear that a few of the other Nexus phones have seen one or two apps of bloatware.

  • kendomaster

    Any love for Rogers? -__________-

  • Ugh!

    Very impressive, Bell!

  • Bryan Dery

    Still hesitating if im getting this. I most def want it, but im wondering if i should wait out for the GS3. My GS1 is still working fine on CM7.
    Any thoughts?

  • wow

    No thanks Hell.

    Ridiculous way to reserve on Twitter.

  • Chewy

    The Galaxy Nexus that will be coming to Bell/Virgin will be the HSPA+ version. And Bell’s policy won’t let people buy a phone and not connect it to Bell’s network : (. You would have to buy it, put it on a 30day plan, call the next day and cancel it, then connect it to someone else the next month.

    That’s a lot of money for only a one to two month wait.

    • Afzal

      Thanks for the cancelling part, didn’t know you could do that.

      For the pricing part, it’s going to be around that price unlocked everywhere, it will drop but not until February. No use waiting unless you wanna buy it on contract with Rogers/Telus.

  • Chuck

    If it goes out early january on Rogers/Telus it won’t be that bad, make it late january and it will be useless…

  • Heh

    No way in hell that I’m getting this phone from bell! I’ll wait for Rogers though 🙂

  • zar

    So, the twitter virtual line-up is basically a giveaway if I understand correctly?

    • Gabber

      Yup! You chain reply every hours until you win… Good luck sleeping without any macros

  • Gabber

    Nevermind! 🙂

  • math

    Its not a contract. You need to activate the phone for 30 days with Bell to get the phone full price and you can leave on the second month.

  • EmperumanV

    How about for people who don’t want to pre order the phone on a contract i.e. $159.99 on a 3 year term but want to pre order and pay the full price of $650 + taxes?

  • EmperumanV

    To my statement above, I am on a contract with Bell till 2013 and I have bought the Atrix and SGS II outright at Bell World stores, so was wondering for this phone.

  • JSKershaw

    Wow that Twitter “virtual line-up” is ridiculous. What a waste of 12 hours to get the phone shipped to you on launch day! Sounds like a cheap marketing scam to make the Bell Nexus a twitter trend on Dec 1st. No thanks! Moving on…

  • Matt J

    If anyone is interested in purchasing the Galaxy Nexus outright, I just won an advanced copy and would be willing to sell it. Must live in the Edmonton Area and be willing to meet in a public place (ie. Coffee Shop, etc)

    $500 start price, but will be taking bids.

    I do not have the phone in my possession yet, but it will be shipping from Toronto later today so I should have it by the end of the week.

    • Chris

      Hey there,
      I live in Edmonton and would be willing to give you the 500 for it as soon as you receive it.

    • Matt J

      Hey Chris,
      How could we contact each other to set up a meeting place and time?

      I’m definitely interested in selling it to you.


    • Chris

      Matt J,
      Tried to give you my email address, but the comment has been “awaiting moderation” for a while now. Maybe put up an ad on Kijiji called “MobileSyrup Phone” or something, and we can go from there.

    • Matt J

      Hey Chris,

      As soon as I receive the phone from CTV I’ll have it posted on Kijiji. I’ll try to put something in the title that refers to the Mobilesyrup page for you.

    • Yawer

      Hey is the phone still available I am willing to purchase it.

    • Matt J


      Yes it’s still available, but the phone won’t be shipping to me until Dec 8/9th. If you’re still interested I will be posting it on Kijiji at that time in the Edmonton Area. I haven’t decided on the price yet, but I’m thinking in the $600 range as it will be retailing in CDN locations for $750.

      Send me a response if you are still interested.


  • Jake

    Matt j definitely would of bought it off you if I didn’t have a $200 off coupon for a cell phone @Telus

    • Matt J

      Well thanks for the response, but I agree that you can’t let a $200 credit with Telus go to waste!

  • quaff

    For people who are worried about Bell not selling it outright without at least a month to a month contract: Buy it from Wireless Wave, they won’t care.

    • beuh_dave

      This is what I plan on doing as well.

  • Andy

    Matt J, would you be willing to ship it to Toronto? I’d pay the shipping costs of course.

    • Matt J

      Hey Andy, thanks for the interest but I’m going to try selling it on Kijiji locally in the Edmonton area to avoid the paypal fees and shipping arrangements. It’s just a little easier to try it this way.

  • Bryce

    I cant beleive this phone isnt the 32 gb version…… I can understand if it is a 16 gb phone with a SD slot.. but its not. Cmon guys…………