Pre: “revolutionary and there are no other phones like it”

The Palm Pre has officially been available in Canada for weeks now. We’ve done several video reviews here (1, 2, 3 & 4) and progress has been made when it comes to the App Catalog – now at 50 apps with several Canadian focused apps such as The Globe & Mail, Yelp, Shortcovers and the Canadian Press. In addition, we should be seeing a software update to WebOS 1.2 soon. It was leaked last week and showed the ability to add your credit card info which ensures paid apps are coming.

Palm has announced Sprint will carry their new device called the “Pixi” before the end of the year. We’re hearing rumblings of a TELUS release early 2010. But it doesn’t stop there. We are also hearing TELUS will be launching the Pre on their new network in January. This info coincides with our previous post of Bell having a 6-month exclusive on the Pre.

With all this Palm goodness, one can only want to watch another “Meet My Pre” episode. This time hired rep Bradley goes to a youth soccer game and talks about how the Pre is “revolutionary and there are no other phones like it”:

Thanks Kronk86!

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