Remember the TELUS September 15th event? It’s “TELUS Tuesdays”

There was so much talk about that commercial that people saw at the movies promoting a very discreet TELUS event on Tuesday, September 15th. We were only given the hint of “it’s not what you think”. and today we can honestly say it’s ot what we hoped for. We wished for a new device or a network launch date, possibly even a new plan.

However, Cineplex Entertainment and TELUS have announced “TELUS Tuesdays”. Yup, you can go to a movie and get yourself a Half Price Movie Combo that includes a movie, a regular popcorn and a regular drink for half price. If you’re a Telus customer you’ll be given special offers to “enhance their movie-going experience”. To kick everything off a contest was created exclusively for TELUS customers that starts on September 18th and goes until November 12th, 2009. Customers can enter once per day via text message and once per day via the online form at telus.com/tuesdays for a grand prize valued at $1,500.

If you want this deal you’ll probably end up saving about 10 bucks each Tuesday.

J Hochrein, TELUS Director of Marketing Communications said “We believe TELUS Tuesdays will provide lots of fun and added value for TELUS and Cineplex customers across the country.”