Bell Palm Pre Video Review – Part 2

Using the Palm Pre gets easier as the days go by. I mean it’s really simple to start with but as with everything you do over and over again the tasks get more intuitive.

With the Pre’s 3.1 inch touchscreen (320×480 resolution) you’ll find it’s responsive and very sensitive. Whenever you put your thumb or fingers on the screen itself it responds to you with a watermark ripple effect that lets you know exactly where you are hitting on the screen. This has helped me get more familiar with using the touchscreen to its fullest capability, and also save a bit of time and frustration.

The “gesture area” is bar far one of the coolest features of the Pre. This is located below the touchscreen and on either side of the center button. When you touch anywhere in the area a white light appears to let you know an action has been preformed. There are a few functions of the gesture area: swiping up can bring up your quick launcher, open and close the launcher or any application you have active. Swiping left can take you back to the previous action and also swiping left to right can switch between application (cards) that are running.

In this video we checked out many features such as YouTube, photos, Downloaded app from the App Catalog, Google Maps, Universal Search, Memo, Cut Copy and Paste etc… Check it out below. We’ll be doing another review with the messaging features (IM, e-mail, text) plus the calendar and contacts.