Palm WebOS 1.2 leaked, ability to add credit card info ensures paid apps coming

new-webosWe’ve just past the 1-week mark with the availability of the Palm Pre in Canada and there’s been lot’s of feedback from users regarding the build quality, battery life, price points and the ease of use when running multiple applications at the same time.

Even the App Catalog started off for us just shy of 30 apps and it’s now up to a staggering 50 apps (still in beta). Most conversations have been about the simplicity of their new webOS platform. Real time updates straight from the cloud.

Good news as there seems to be updates brewing over at Palm. A couple of forum members from PreCentral applied the webOS Doctor to reset their Sprint device and found out that it installed version webOS 1.2. A couple of new features were revealed, specifically the ability to enter your credit card and billing info into the App Catalog… hopes that we’ll eventually paid apps. In addition, more changes for the browser as a it shows a “Select All” option, changes in GPS location services and the data usage can be turned on and off.

Since that was leaked online Palm seemed to have disabled the download… I am sure more info will be available soon.

Via: PreCentral

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