Bell has exclusivity on Palm Pre for 6 months?


  • Mike Silverton

    …and that is the $1K question. I am a Telus member since the 90s and have a good plan. I hope that it comes to Telus soon. We will have to wait to see if it is from the original announcement or not.

  • Dale

    I'd say 6 months after the launch date is the exclusivity window.

    • kuosheng

      Bell has an exclusivity window of 1 year. By that time not much people will want it. That is the tactic of Bell Mobility

  • Rich

    I'm not so sure it'll be as popular as most people think. Like, I'm sure within the BELL system, a number of people will upgrade to it, but I highly doubt you'll see many people actually changeover from other carriers.

    iPhone is something that others would change providers for. Pre, not quite.

    (Note: I'm not a fan boy, aiming for the Tp2 anyways).

    • nadjor14

      I switched carriers for the Pre. how do you explain that?

  • Dave

    The million dollar question should be "When is this sucker going to be available"?

    I'm tired of hearing Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 type answers. Just give me a date.

    Tell me it will be by the end of "X", or by the second week of "X", and I can deal with that. I am just so tired of launching my home page and seeing "Coming soon" I've seen coming soon pretty well all year now.

    I've been with Bell since the late 80's, and am about to jump ship to get an I-Phone because I need something that will do more than my old (and I do mean old), BB. I was hoping that the Pre would be my answer, but the only thing in Pre that I see is "Pre"tend that a new phone is coming.

    • Si

      You've been with them for over 20 years, but you can't wait another 6 or 8 weeks for this phone to be released? I'm in the UK on O2 and am certainly going to stick around until the Oct/Nov launch to get a Pre – they seem brilliant! Your launch date will be well before that, August or September, almost certainly.