The last Sam the Record Man store in Canada could be closing soon

The store owners says 'they are exploring options' to keep the store open after they retire

The last Sam the Record Man store in Canada could soon be closing soon.

The beloved Canadian record store closed its Yonge Street location in Toronto in 2007. However, one store location in Belleville, Ontario, that many people might not know about has kept the brand alive all these years afterward.

The Belleville store is located in the Quinte Mall and has been the only Sam the Record Man store standing since the Sarnia location closed more than a decade ago. The store owners posted on Facebook that after 45 years in business, they’ve decided to retire.

People took to the post’s comments on Facebook to reminisce about Sam the Record Man and congratulate the owners on retirement. In a statement to Quinte News, the shop owner reportedly said, “They are exploring options to keep the store running while they go into retirement.”

So the store closing isn’t guaranteed just yet. There is still hope for now that the Sam the Record Man brand will live on in the hearts and minds of many Canadians, and its Quinte Mall location in Belleville, Ontario, will possibly stay open.

Image credit: Belleville’s Sam the Record Man’s Facebook

Source: Quinte News Via: BlogTO

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