OpenAI’s GPT store delayed, other new features incoming

The GPT Store has been delayed to early next year

During OpenAI’s DevDay developer conference, the company announced that users would soon be able to make custom versions of ChatGPT for their specific use cases.

These would be called GPTs, and will be accessible through the company’s GPT Store. Users would be able to make their GPT and share them publicly on the GPT Store. OpenAI will also reportedly pay creators based on how much their GPTs are used.

The feature was expected to roll out some time in November, but the unexpected ousting of CEO Sam Altman, and his subsequent return, might have derailed OpenAI’s plans.

Now, according to an email seen by The Verge, the GPT Store has been delayed to early next year.

“While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!” OpenAI did however say that while it is working on the GPT store, users can expect other new features. “In the meantime, we will have some other great updates to ChatGPT soon.”

In other OpenAI-related news, the company shared some major changes to its leadership and governance. The company has added Microsoft, its largest investor, as a non-voting observer on its board. Read more about it here.

Via: The Verge

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