OpenAI now allows users to make custom versions of ChatGPT

The feature is only available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers

If you’re looking to create an AI chatbot, but only for a specific use case, OpenAI’s new solution has you covered.

As revealed during OpenAI’s ‘DevDay’ developer conference, the company revealed that it is rolling out a platform that would allow users to make custom versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases. The company is calling these ‘GPTs,’ and they will be accessible through the company’s GPT Store.

These GPTs can also be used by other users, though they’ll only be available for paying users. OpenAI will also reportedly pay creators based on how much their GPTs are used.

“Since launching ChatGPT, people have been asking for ways to customize ChatGPT to fit specific ways that they use it,” OpenAI said in a statement given to The Verge. “We launched Custom Instructions in July that let you set some preferences, but requests for more control kept coming. Many power users maintain a list of carefully crafted prompts and instruction sets, manually copying them into ChatGPT. GPTs now do all of that for you.”

Anyone can easily build a GPT, with no prior coding knowledge required. Creating one is as easy as starting a conversation, giving it instructions and extra knowledge, and picking what it can do, like searching the web, making images or analyzing data.

Users can start making their own GPTs now and share them publicly. The GPT Store, however, will roll out later this month. Once the store rolls out, users would be able to search other users’ GPTS, and the most used ones would climb high on a leaderboard.

Learn more about GPTs here.

ChatGPT Plus costs $20 USD (roughly $27 CAD) per month.

Image credit: OpenAI

Source: OpenAI Via: The Verge

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