OnePlus 12 will reportedly launch globally on January 24

This is according to support pages for the company's marketing campaign

OnePlus 11

While it’s already been teased that the OnePlus 12 will launch in China on December 5th, it also looks like the device will release globally on January 24th, according to a new report from GSMArena.

OnePlus started its campaign earlier today. On the support pages for Europe, the U.S. and India, it shows that the campaign will run from November 27th to January 23rd. Following this date will be the launch of the OnePlus 12, according to the marketing campaign.

Specifically, the document says, “The contest is live from November 27th to 2024, the day before the OnePlus launch event, in the Indian region.”

The campaign will happen across the company’s regional branches.

Source: GSMArena

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