Sony’s PlayStation Portal is now available in Canada for $269

The handheld streams games from your PS5, so you'll always need an internet connection

PlayStation Portal

Sony’s PlayStation Portal is now available in Canada for $269.99 at select retailers.

The tech giant unveiled the streaming device earlier this year. The PS Portal allows users to stream PlayStation 5 games to the handheld. It sports an 8-inch LCD screen with a 60Hz 1080p resolution alongside DualSense controller buttons on both sides. Thanks to its DualSense integration, the Portal offers haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It also features a 4,370mAh battery, which Sony claims should last eight hours.

It’s worth noting that the PS Portal is designed to stream games from your PS5 using a Wi-Fi connection. This means you’re not downloading titles directly to the handheld, and it requires an internet connection to access your PS5.

The PS Portal includes a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones but doesn’t offer standard Bluetooth functionality and is only compatible with the Sony Pulse Elite headset or the Pulse Explore Buds. The Pulse Explore Buds launch on December 6th, and the Pulse Elite headset doesn’t launch until next year on February 21st.

Those interested in buying the Portal can do so below (however, not all retailers have started selling the device yet):

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