[Update] Fido, Koodo, Virgin drop $50/40GB plan

Virgin now lists the plan as ending on January 10th

Update 2023/01/11 at 09:09am ET: As previously noted, Virgin Plus dropped its $50/40GB and $45/20GB promotional plans on January 10th. The plans are no longer available — instead, customers can get $65/15GB or $60/10GB (oddly, both these plans and every other plan offered by Virgin are listed as “new activations only”). You can look at the plans here.

Virgin’s plans as of January 11th, 2023.

Update 2023/01/10 at 11:38am ET: Koodo has now removed the promotional plans, leaving Virgin Plus as the only one offering them. Like Fido, Koodo now offers a $65/15GB plan (but no bonus data) and a $60/10GB, among some other options. You can view the plans here.

Update 2023/01/10 at 08:50am ET: At the time of writing this update, only Fido has removed the $50/40GB plan, replacing it instead with a $65/mo 15GB plan with 5GB of bonus data for 20GB total. The Rogers flanker brand also replaced the $45/20GB plan with a $60/10GB plan.

Fido’s plans as of January 10th, 2023.

Virgin and Koodo still list the Boxing Week plans (for now), with the latter still showing the January 9th expiry date. Virgin, however, has added a January 10th end date for its plans.

Today looks to be the last day for the $45/20GB and $50/40GB Boxing Week plans at Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus. Both Fido and Koodo now list the plans as ending on January 9th — Virgin Plus didn’t have a similar label at the time of writing, but it likely will follow the other two.

Koodo first launched the plans on December 13th, and Fido and Virgin launched their versions of the plans the following day. The plans have been available since then, but they were limited-time promotional offers, so it’s no surprise they are going away.

At all three providers, the plans actually cost $60/20GB and $65/40GB but come with a $15/mo credit for 15 months. The downside is that anyone who signs up will need to be ready to switch carriers in 15 months’ time unless they’re okay with paying a higher monthly price. That said, Black Friday and Boxing Week 2023 will happen within that time frame, which means customers could potentially switch to a different promotional plan before the credit expires.

The deal isn’t as good for those looking to get a phone with one of these providers, as the phone contracts are 24 months long, so customers will be stuck paying the higher cost for the last nine months of their contract.

Aside from the large data buckets, these plans also include unlimited Canada-wide text messaging, unlimited Canada-wide calling, and other features that vary from provider to provider, such as voicemail, call display, international texting, and more.

If you’re in the market for a new plan, you may want to pick up one of these deals before they go away — it’s unclear what plan options will be available tomorrow, but they’ll likely cost more and have less data. Before the flanker providers added the Boxing Week plans, they had $60/10GB and $65/20GB plans.

You can check out Fido’s plans here, Koodo’s plans here, and Virgin’s plans here.

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