Telecom news roundup [Sept. 17-23]

Telus defends its credit card fee application (once again) and Bell launches 8Gbps symmetrical speeds

This week’s telecom roundup features news from Bell, which introduced 8Gbps symmetrical internet speeds and was named PCMag’s fastest mobile network in Canada.

But the Quebec-based telecom provider isn’t the only one to make headlines. To help recap the latest developments, here’s almost everything that happened in Canada’s telecom world over the past week.


Bell has started rolling out its 8Gbps symmetrical internet to customers in Toronto. The company said the download speeds are five times faster than cable technology and upload speeds are 250 times faster.

Opesignal named Canada’s big three (Bell, Rogers, and Telus) as “high performers” in the 5G mobile experience. The report examined 5G services across the globe and found the three excelled in a handful of categories, including “5G Reach.”

Continuing with telecom awards, PCMag crowned Bell with the title of offering the fastest mobile network in Canada. The results show the Quebec-based telecom giant outpaced its competitors with its download speed and 5G+ offerings.

Telus’ application seeking to introduce a credit card fee has received more than 4,000 interventions. But Telus says the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has no reason to reject its application. The company states customers can avoid the 1.5 percent surcharge by paying with a method other than a credit card. “The rate pertains to an optional service, is avoidable for all customers, and does not seek to generate more revenue than the underlying costs,” Telus says in its latest response.

Xplore has increased its available download speeds in 124 New Brunswick communities. The rural service provider says download speeds reach up to 100Mbps and upload speeds go up to 10Mbps. The update will impact 21,000 homes and businesses.


Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada rejected a proposal that would have seen Telus absorb spectrum licenses from the now defunct company Xplore Mobile. The ISED cited future competition concerns for wireless services in Manitoba for the rejection.


Fido has made two plans available to some customers. The first plan offers 25Gb for $38/month, and the second has 30GB for $43/month. More details are available here.

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